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Drool While I Dress Tease-Toy
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Sit on your hands, loser. Yes, right there. Not an inch closer. I don't want you to be able to touch me, no matter how much you're gonna want to. Don't mistake my unlocking you as generosity, chastity-boi... you'll soon wish you were right back in that cage. I'm sure you're thinking some release-time after such a long time all scrunched away is a real treat right not huh? Months of being unable to touch your cock, unable to get hard, unable to cum - all because I said so. Oh, just to make it clear, there's not a chance you're gonna get to cum today either - na-ah loser, that's not going to happen today. No no, my little tease-toy, I just want you to sit there and drool as you watch me model what I'm planning to wear when I go to see my boyfriend later. I'm sure you'll LOVE it too. Not as much as he will, but then, he knows that he's actually allowed to touch me. You could never earn that, not if you spent your whole life wishing for it!

Stay there, tease-toy... I'm going to get changed... right in front of you - why wouldn't I? It doesn't matter what you see, it makes no difference anyway. You're not allowed to touch me - even if I were totally naked in front of you. Just sit still and enjoy your little boner-time as you watch me try on all the cute outfits that the real men in my life will be allowed to undress from me. Sound fair? Aw that's too bad - it's all you're gonna get. It might not be fair, but it's what you deserve. Denial and rejection is all a tease-toy chastity-bitch will ever get from hot girls like me. We're never going to look at you twice. This is the closest you get to our attention. Watching but NE-VER touching!.. If you so much as think about touching yourself, I'll make sure that you pay for it. I'll put you pack in your cage and I'll make sure it never comes off again. You're going to watch every inch of my dream-girl body and know that you're never ever going to be allowed to lay a single finger on me. You'll never earn that. NEVER. You'll always just be my pathetic little chastity tease-toy, trapped in a pussy-free life by your dreamgirl.

Let me think - where should I start? Maybe some lingerie to slip into underneath a pretty date-night dress? Yes, that sounds good, make sure that I'm totally perfect for my boyfriend - he's going to love the way I look in these outfits. And you can imagine that all you want, the way he's going to rip these off of me and fuck me all weekend long, but you're going to be locked back up in your cage and stuck there until I decide that I want to see you suffer all over again. And trust me, I'm never going to get tired of that, tease-toy. I could watch you sit there and struggle all day long. But I have better things to do than waste my time on you. It's right back into the chastity-cage for you outfit-tester. Back where you belong - all locked up and pussy-free while I skip off to meet my boyfriend in the outfit that gave you the stiffest pity-boner. Thanks loser!

Added: 19-11-2023
Clip Length: 15m 29s
Tease And Denial Chastity Cuckolding Humiliation

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