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Is It True... My Sister Locked You?
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Hey... I assume she's not home from work yet, right? That's fine - I'll just hang out with you until she gets back... So - how is the least favourite of all the guys my sister has dated huh? Just kidding - you're not a guy... you're a simp... and to prove it - why don't be a good simp and fetch your girlfriend's bratty little sister a drink huh? Oh my! Y'know if my sister hadn't already told me otherwise, I'd have thought you had quite the package hidden inside your pants! You have a bulge - right there where a dick should be. I know it's not an actual cock-bulge - she told me how small you are - so what is it, huh? Why the pant-bulge? Haha - Am I making you blush? Am I?... or is it the truth that's making you blush? Is it because I'm super-hot? Is that why you're so embarrassed right now? Your girlfriend's hot younger sister teasing you about your awkward pant-bulge is embarrassing for you? Aw - you have no idea what embarrassing is, simp... but you will soon enough - don't you worry... because I already know what that bulge is all about - she told me. You're squirming with humiliation right now - because that bulge in your pants is there because my sister has you all locked up in a cute, pink a chastity device, doesn't she? Haha!

Yuh-huh simp - I know all about that chastity device my sister has you all caged away in, and I think it's fucking hilarious! She's told me all about how she snapped you into it to help her dominate you, cuckold you and humiliate you. It's so funny and so totally pathetic too! And just so you know, not only did I know all about that little pink boner-preventer, but I knew my sister wasn't gonna be here too. I decided to come over to see that little chastity thing for myself and I thought I'd wear this extra-teasy outfit to make your chastity inspection even more difficult for you. Awww look - it really is getting tight in there isn't it? Your poor trapped runt-cock is trying to get a boner for your girlfriend's little sister. Naughty boy! It's a good thing you're safely scrunched away in that cage! It's a good thing you can't actually get hard in there... because my sister would be so angry if you got an actual simpy-stiffy over her little sister in her cute chastity inspection outfit! Uh-huh - she'd be so angry with you simpy. I guess you're locked for your own protection, right?

I have something else to confess too, simpy... Look what I have haha... Do you recognise it? Uh-huh, you guessed correctly - it's the key to your chastity bulge thingy. My sister gave it to me when I met her for lunch earlier. We share EVERYTHING simpy - you know that. I asked her if I could look after it for her while she's out fucking that guy she works with... Oopsie - how thoughtless of me - I thought you knew... well I guess you do now, right? Yeah so, the bad news is she's fucking the guy from work and the really bad news is that I have the key to your chastity device and I'm gonna tease the fuck outta you while my sister is getting laid. Sucks to be you huh? Teased, teased, teased by your girlfriend's hot, bratty, younger sister in her cute little chastity-inspection outfit while you stay all locked up in that little cage... and all because she's fucking another guy - you get humiliated and bullied while she's cheating on you. You thought your girlfriend was a bitch - but I'm a hundred times worse, simpy - I'm gonna prove that to your scrunched up wannabe boner until my sister is done cucking you for the night.

Added: 05-05-2024
Clip Length: 17m 24s
Chastity Humiliation Cuckolding Brat Girls Tease And Denial

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