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Spoil Me For Cheating On You
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I expect to be spoiled every single time I cheat on you, cuckold. A present to me for being so generous to you - I deserve to be spoiled and it'll be your way of showing me how grateful you are for coming back home to you after being with him. You'll spoil me to apologise for not being the man he is. You'll spoil me to reward me for my infidelity. New lingerie, designer shoes, a hot new dress, jewellery - luxurious, expensive, glamourous treats just for being an unfaithful little bitch to you - you got that? You're gonna buy me something super-nice every time I cheat, cuckold. When I come home from a date - I want a treat waiting for me - to show your appreciation that I haven't left you alone all weekend.... or for good! A Prada handbag or Jimmy-Choo heels. I'll allow you to watch me open them as I tell you what an amazing time I had with 'him'. You can help me with the dainty buckle as I tease you with every detail of our time together. That's how this is gonna work cuckold - you'll spoil me with gifts and I'll mind-fuck you with all the intimate details of how your rival got everything you didn't.

It breaks your little cucky heart to hear about all the fun other men have had with me - it hurts you so deeply doesn't it cuckold... but you need those details don't you? You need to know how much better he was than you - how bigger he was, how long he fucked your little princess, how he fucked me - where he fucked me. It tears you up so much, but you have to know - what noises I made for him, how many times he made me cum - how I made him cum... I know how desperate you are for all those details - which is why you have to spoil me to earn them - with beautiful, expensive, thank-you presents. I want Honey-B lingerie, cuckold - so I can wear it for all the other men I cheat on you with - and I want a humble, emasculating hand-written gift-tag for me to read - telling me how grateful you are for having a cheating girlfriend as beautiful as I am - willing to keep you as a cuckold while I fuck the kind of men I deserve.

The best thing is - the more I cheat on you - the more cute new things you buy for me to wear for other men. I have more lingerie, more fuck-me dresses, more boots and shoes, more makeup. You've bought me pamper sessions at the salon, you've bought me spa weekends away. The presents just keep coming - unlike you cuckold haha! You're spending all your savings on expensive gifts for me but you get absolutely nothing in return - you stay denied. My boyfriends get all the benefit - they get to see me modelling the pretty panty-sets, they get me fully-glam with my perfect hair and nails. They get to accompany me to the spa for the weekend while you troll online boutiques looking for new ways to spoil me. They get to fuck me in the Jimmy Choos you blew a paycheck on - they get to cum all over the designer dress - and you get nothing - NOTHING!... all because you're just a cuckold. I think I deserve another present for that - don't you?

Added: 09-06-2024
Clip Length: 15m 20s
Cuckolding Findom Humiliation Chastity

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