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Brats Make The Best Cuckysitters
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So let me get this straight - your wife cheats on you and gets hot bratty girls like me to look after you while she's out getting fucked? You realise that's SO fucking pathetic, right? I mean it's pathetic for you obviously - for her it's just SO amazing! This makes you a CUCKOLD - you do know that? You're a cuckold - she fucks other men, and you have to just suck it up like a simp! And just so you know - I saw her before she left and she looked totally hot tonight too! I mean she was dressed for sex - her dress was extra short and tight and, the heels were for the bedroom - definitely not for walking in. Her hair and makeup and her perfectly shaved legs! OMG some guy is in for a real treat with your wife tonight. He is SO gonna enjoy getting his cock sucked and his balls drained by your cheating little princess before her sends back to you.

And I guess she enjoys it all the more knowing you're being bullied and humiliated by a bratty girl half your age, while she's out cheating on you. She even told me to be extra cruel, extra teasy and extra humiliating to you so I'm kinda obligated to make sure you feel totally emasculated, shamed and humiliated. I'm going to consider it my duty to make fun of you for what you are - Her cuckold. Her beta husband who lets his wife fuck other men. Tell me cuckold - does she bring her real men home here? Does she fuck them right in front of you? Does she make you clean up their cummy mess? Haha that's embarrassing for you. Do you think she'll bring her date home tonight - and introduce her real man to you - right in front of me as I try to hold in my giggles? I'd love to see that - another man claiming your wife in your own home while your cuckysitter sniggers right before he takes her upstairs. Haha! I'd happily cuckysit you while he's up there fucking wifey on your own bed!

Guess what else wifey told me, cuckold? That she has you all locked away in a chastity device too! Show it to me - I wanna see it. Show me cuckold - show me the emasculating PINK chastity device your wife has you locked inside while she's out fucking real men. Show your bratty cuckysitter your locked-up dick - so I can laugh at you EVEN more. I want to see what happens when I TEASE you cuckold - does it try to get hard? If I show off my hot young cucky-sitter body - do you try to get a boner in that thing? Does it hurt? Do you want me to stop teasing you - don't you want me to show you my perfect body? Huh cuckold? Are you trying to grow in that cage? Poor cuckold - your wife is gonna be hours and hours and I've only just started to fuck with you...

Added: 23-12-2022
Clip Length: 13m 22s
Cuckolding Chastity Humiliation Tease And Denial

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