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Locked Up Until You Cum To Being Cucked
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Imagine being the kind of loser who stands aside for other men to fuck your girlfriend. Imagine being the kind of loser, who has to kneel at the end of the bed and suffer the humiliation of watching your little princess enjoying another man's cock. Imagine being the kind of loser whose girlfriend laughs at you with her real-man as you fluff his cock - ready for him to fuck your dream girl with... and then imagine that your own cock is all locked away in a chastity cage while they have all that fun. That's the kind of loser you're gonna be until you can learn to cum from being cucked because you're not getting out of that cage until you do, loser. That's the predicament you're in - you're locked up until you cum to the sight of your girlfriend getting fucked by a better man.

I know cucky - it's not gonna be easy. Cumming in chastity isn't easy - that's kinda the point of chastity, but maybe if you focus on what that guy is doing to your girlfriend right before your eyes, you'll be able to pretend it's you. Watch my lips wrap around his thick, hard cock. Watch me drool all over it - watch my tongue lick it's way from the balls to the head - hearing me make cute little moans as I put him into my mouth. Focus on how good it would feel to be him, cuckold - feeling me sucking his cock long and slow - not being the loser holding my fucking hair back as I do it. Watch me climb up on top of him - cowgirl - that used to be your favourite position, right? So imagine being him - fucking your girlfriend in your favourite position, my perfect body in my hottest lingerie on display for him as you stand there like a fucking fool. Do you think you could cum in your device to that, cuckold?

Every girl knows that it's humiliation that makes cuckolds cum. I know you'll be able to do this... even if you are all locked up in that scrunchy 'lil cage. I know you'll find a way. Maybe if you hump a pillow while he's pumping his cock into me? Maybe if you use my cute pink vibrator on your little cock prison? Maybe if you lube up a big rubber cock and push it into you at the same rhythm as he's fucking your girl? One of those ideas would definitely work cuckold... and can you imagine all the humiliating things we'd be saying to you as you tried each of them out? Calling you names - laughing at you - making fun of you for having to perform the most embarrassing acts to earn yourself a chastitygasm? Oh fuck yeah, cuckold, if that big rubber cock in your ass doesn't make you cum in that cage, the sound of us laughing at you certainly will!

Added: 06-03-2023
Clip Length: 14m 00s
Chastity Cuckolding Sissygasms Humiliation

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