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From Business Man To Serving Girl
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I had to feel kinda sorry for you cucky - I mean I don't think I've ever seen anyone look so embarrassed - so totally pathetic - emasculated and defeated. The truth is you looked so adorable in your pretty maid's uniform, fidgeting with your little satin apron as you stood there, locked in your highest heels waiting for his instruction. You must have felt more humiliated in that moment than ever before. Who would have believed that when I started fucking your boss that this is where it would end up. Who knew I'd have enjoyed being such a complete bitch to you like this. Turning you from my devoted boyfriend into my cuckold - cheating on you with a man who had so much control over you. A man who relished bullying you so much. You couldn't stand up to me - or him. You just let him fuck your little princess. You let your boss fuck your girlfriend - so you the truth is, you kinda deserved everything else that came to you, cuckold.

It was harsh to begin with, but your dick had to be locked away in chastity - when my new man said so. When he decided you weren't allowed to fuck me ever again - you had to go into that cock-cage. We teased you about it so much - making fun of you for being all locked away while he got to fuck me. Humiliating you became our favourite hobby and finding new ways to shame and ridicule you like feminizing you was almost a competition between the two of us... Who could dream up the most creative humiliation predicament to put you in. We loved taking your masculinity from you - making you wear pretty, feminine clothes and high-heels and makeup and a wig and calling you SISSY! Making you serve us in your panties and dresses - making you curtsey. Making you clean up like a little missy-maid was so entertaining... but it kinda felt selfish of us - keeping all this fun to ourselves... so He decided we should share what we'd done to you with everyone...

And so look at you now cucky. You're all dressed up in your dainty maids uniform waiting to serve me and my real man - and all our guests! Such a frighteningly humiliating predicament for you. Dressed in a satin serving-uniform waiting to be introduced to your old friends, your work colleagues, my girlfriends our neighbours - everyone... EVERYONE, sissy! This is going to be SO embarrassing for you - Serving your girlfriend and your boss... The giggles and stares from all the people you used to call your social circle? Is it going to be humiliating when your boss slaps your sissy-bottom when you serve his drink? Is that as humiliating as the little bells jingling on your pink chastity device tucked away under a pretty pair of frilly panties as you curtsey for us? Is it as humiliating as seeing your boss grab my ass as he kisses your ex-girlfriend and tells you off for staring - in front of everyone? There's so much for you to feel humiliated about right now sissy - but don't worry - I'm sure we'll find even more ways to make it even worse for you!

Added: 26-08-2022
Clip Length: 14m 13s
Feminization Cuckolding Chastity Humiliation

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