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What's Your Annual Ruined Orgasm Worth
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What would you do to earn your annual ruined orgasm this year, cageboy? What's it worth? You've had a whole year to think about it - to decide how much humiliation you'd be willing to endure for me to unlock you from chastity and allow you a ruined orgasm. Would you bend over for my strap-on?.. for me and my girlfriend to fuck both of your holes? Would you take a real cock? Would you suck a real-man's cock right in front of me - let a guy fuck you in the ass while I watch? Is that worth a ruined orgasm to you? What about watching me fuck the guy you hate the most - for one ruined orgasm - fucking my ex, or your bully, or your boss or one of your closest friends - would you watch me suck his cock in exchange for a ruined orgasm? Tell me what it's worth cage-boy.

You must be so desperate by now - it's been a full year since you were last allowed out of that little thing. A full year of tease and denial - endless frustration - unable to get hard - unable to touch your own cock - unable to cum. All locked away by your teasy dream-girl - knowing that all you have to look forward to is a pleasureless ruined orgasm. That's all you get now loser - you stay locked up for 12 months and then if you suffer some totally humiliating predicament for me - I let you out for one ruined orgasm and then lock you right back up again. That's your sex-life now... but that ruined orgasm... OMG you'd do almost anything for it right now, wouldn't you? You'd do whatever I say just to cum - even if it gives you no pleasure at all... so what are you willing to do to earn it cage-boy - tell me.

I want to hear just how low you'd go for this pleasureless orgasm, loser. Whether you'd spend a whole night at a gloryhole - or working the red-light district in platform heels and a pink PVC micro-skirt. Would you let me film my girlfriends humiliating you for their tik-tok - become a social media loser? Dressed up like a girl while they spit on you on camera - to spread all over the internet? You can do better than that loser - you can think up something even more humiliating for me. Would you drink cum for me - other men's cum? Would you let a group of guys soak your face with spunk? I know you'd do anything for this orgasm you little chastity wimp - I know you'd agree to do the most humiliating things for your chance to cum. But I have a better idea - and I'm gonna make you beg for it...

Added: 20-03-2023
Clip Length: 14m 39s
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