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Pegged Pussy-Free
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There's gonna be no more pussy for you Princess - not after I'm done with you! Uh-huh, no more girls for you - you're gonna be pussy-free - no jerking off to the kind of girls who don't even care you even exist and certainly no getting your cock sucked or fucking - no more girls EVER - you're cock only now, faggot! You're an anal cock-slut who's only allowed to cum from being penetrated with cock - my cock to be precise - my extra-thick, lubed-up, super-realistic silicone COCK! That's how how it's gonna be for you, cock-slut, and I'll make sure there's no cheating by snapping your redundant pee-pee away in a chastity cage - locking you up in a restrictive cock-cage to make sure you can't so much as touch yourself to the thought of pussy ever again. The only way you're allowed to cum is from getting fucked in your ass by my big, heavy, emasculating strap-on cock. Caged and Pegged Pussy-Free by your Femdom dream-girl. How pathetic, right?

This is where your sex-life ends - kinda - because this is how I turn losers like you into pussy-free anal-whores. First you'll learn to take thick, realistic silicone cocks from my strap-on, bent over and pegged like a slut until your locked-up cock betrays you and leaks it's beta-cummies... and then... sooner or later it'll be a real cock pushing its way into your ass and stretching you out. It's true - you'll come to accept that fact eventually - once you've come to terms with your cock never being free again - accepted that the only sex-life you can enjoy is from being fucked in your boy-pussy - you'll be begging men to fill you up with cock and cum. You'll be begging me to invite fuck-studs over to use you - having the que up to fuck you one after another - fucking you like a slut to a humiliating sissygasm. You'll be dressing up for cock - pretending to be a girl just to get your ass fucked by more and more cocks - I promise - you'll be thanking me for turning you into a pussy-free faggot in no time!

Welcome to the start of your new sex-life, faggot. Your new gay, anal-only sex-life. Welcome to your complete obsession with finding bigger and bigger cocks to fuck your ass begins. Haha! Welcome to a new pussy-free life - turned gay by me and my ass-stretching dildo - Pegged into an anal-only whore. Taking my strap-on until you cum is just the start... next will be handing you over to a real man to turn you into his bottom bitch fuck-slut. Making you dress up in cock-pleasing, girly uniforms to look pretty on the end of his big, fat dick. After that, you're gonna need more - more men - groups of guys all at the same time. You'll learn how to please them all together - cock in your ass, cock in your mouth - you won't fucking care so long as they fuck you hard and deep enough to make you cum. You're going to love your new sex-life, faggot... eventually!

Added: 04-09-2023
Clip Length: 16m 36s
Pegging Bi Humiliation Humiliation Feminization Chastity Sissygasms

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