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Gasm Like A Girl
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It's not like you have much choice is it? Your cock is locked away so your options are kinda limited - you have to 'gasm like a girl if you wanna 'gasm at all, sissy. You could buzz your cage with a wand until you leak a cummy pity-puddle from the end of your device I guess but the 'gasm I really think you deserve is a sissygasm. An emasculating anal-only milking, fucked out of you with a big rubber cock in your sissy-hole. It's the perfect way for you - the perfect way for a GIRL to cum - stretched and filled up with cock and the best thing is you won't need to go anywhere near your little locked-up boy-clitty. You won't be going anywhere near that ever again. It's gonna stay scrunched up in it's cage for good - because girls don't have cocks do they sissy? You still wanna be a girl don't you sissy?

Are you ready to be a cock-slut sissy? Is your body soft and smooth like a real girl's? Have you shaved your legs? Have you rolled up a pair of stockings? Have you picked out your prettiest lingerie set - the daintiest panties and bra? Have you stepped into your highest heels and pulled on a cute little uniform? A frilly maid's dress... a school-girl skirt and blouse... or dressed yourself up like a trashy street-walking slut? Have you painted your face with lipstick and makeup? Have you glued the longest lashes to your feminine face and long nails to the tips of your fingers? Have you topped your head with a beautiful long blonde wig? Do you look and feel like the kind of girl who wants a big hard cock pushed deep into her pussy? Do you sissy? If you have answered yes to all of these questions then you're ready to 'gasm like a girl for me!

It's time to lube up a big rubber cock and fill your girly ass up! Push it in sissy, nice and slowly, all the way in. Every ass-stretching inch of it! Wriggle onto it - take it all the way inside - accept that whole cock deep into your ass for me - totally penetrating you like a girl should be - filling yourself with cock all the way down to it's big rubber balls. Do you feel like a girl now sissy? Do you feel like a submissive little slut? Taking an XXL cock in your feminized bottom because you're not allowed to cum like a real man - because your sissy-clit is caged away - because you're a fucking GIRL Do you feel humiliated? A hot, bitchy femdom Princess - teaching you to fill your ass with cock to earn a sissygasm - Yeah you should feel humiliated - you should feel totally ashamed of yourself - and you're about to feel a hundred times more humiliated as soon as that super-sized cock makes you 'gasm like a girl for me...

Added: 28-11-2022
Clip Length: 16m 39s
Feminization Chastity Sissygasms Humiliation Bi Humiliation

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