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Take Every Gr-inch
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Merry fucking Grinchmas, gayboi. Meet my big, green festive-faggot-fucking strap-on. The ass-stretching cock that's gonna steal the virginity outta your Christmas this year. Uh-huh - you're gonna take every thick, green gr-inch of this dick for me you little wimp. Consider it your punishment-fuck for being a goody-goody 'good-boy' all year long. Yeah - that's how it goes - good boys get punished with strap-on grinch-cock and the bad boys get pussy. So just like how The Grinch ruined Christmas - I'm gonna ruin you. I'm gonna fuck you so hard - so deep - so angrily that you'll begging for it to stop... but I'm not gonna. Oh no, you little good-boy. You're getting pegged by the gr-inch until I'm satisfied you've learned your valuable lesson. You know what that is, you little bend-over-bitch? That being a good-boy doesn't impress me - it doesn't impress any girls. Girls don't want 'Yes miss, no miss' simps like you - we want real men - the kinda men that would not be about to take every fucking gr-inch of this bully-cock for Christmas!

It's so pathetic - don't you think, faggot? Like, most guys will getting sexy treats from their girlfriends this Christmas - woken up with a blow-job and then served breakfast in bed by their little princess in a pretty lingerie set and a cute little outfit. That's what they get for being the bad boys girls like me truly want. And what do you get? Haha! You don't even get let out of chastity for the humiliating ass-fucking you'll be taking before I send you into the kitchen with my panties stuffed in your mouth to prepare me and my bad-boy real-man a delicious Christmas-morning breakfast. That's right idiot - I'm not even gonna unlock your cock this year like I promised you - you're staying caged for twelve more months - you can think about that while I'm pegging the absolute jingle-bells out of your fuck-hole. And trust me - you're gonna have plenty of time to reflect too, gay-boi... because even after I'm totally exhausted from punish-fucking your ass with grinch-cock I'm gonna leave every gr-inch still buried in your ass while you serve me and my real man.

Are you ready you little Christmas homo? Are you ready to be ruined by my grinch-cock? Are you ready to forfeit your sexuality? Are you ready to be turned gay - pegged until you cum in your chastity cage? So submit, faggot. Bend the fuck over and I'll strip you of the last scraps of masculinity you've been saving up. Bend over and prepare to have your ass trashed with this fat green cock. Bend over like the good-boy you've wanted to be for me all year and accept your emasculating reward. I'm going to totally destroy your hole - I'm gonna fuck you and humiliate you and make you wish you weren't the simpy little beg you are. I'm gonna plough this cock into your ass - every gr-inch and you're gonna take it aren't you? You will - because that's what good boys do. You'll give up the last of your masculinity, all of your self-respect, your sexuality and you'll give up your fuck-hole to the grinch-cock until your poor locked up cock gives up too and betrays you - creaming through the little hole at the end - the only Christmas treat a strap-on faggot like you deserves!

Added: 24-12-2023
Clip Length: 16m 06s
Pegging Chastity Sissygasms Bi Humiliation Humiliation Cuckolding

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