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Oh, cucky, you must feel so crushed and humiliated! Your current girlfriend is out enjoying the company of other men, and she's left you under the watchful eye of your ex. The too-good-for-you snob who used to treat you like dirt. Haha! Don't you see the pattern, sweetie? First, it was me, cheating on you, making fun of you with your rivals, fucking other guys right under your nose. And now, your new girl is doing exactly the same. She's not only out with that sleazy guy from work, but she's also sharing her escapades with me so I can relay them right back to you. Poor cucky, it seems you're destined to be cuckolded, trapped, and tormented by every girl you end up with.

There's an extra twist, cucky: My new boyfriend will be joining in on the fun tonight. Oh yes, we're going to torment you together, breaking your fragile heart with updates and pictures from your hot girlfriend's date. The guy who stole me from you is gonna help cuckysit you while another guy has his hands all over your new girlfriend... yet another real-man working on stealing another girl from you huh cucky. You're so fucking pathetic! And the chastity she has you snapped inside? It's not just a punishment; it's a reminder of your place, your status. You're not a real man like my boyfriend - or the guys putting their cocks inside your new girl; you're just a cuckold, and that little pink cage will make sure you never forget it.

You know she's going to come back here with her date, right? I hope you're ready for the ultimate humiliation - your cuckysitter ex meeting the guy who's fucking your new cheating girlfriend. Ouch cucky! Your girlfriend's date is coming back here tonight because she wants us ALL to humiliate you. She wants you to feel totally broken in front of her date - in front of me and my new boyfriend - she want's every last drop of masculinity stripped from you... so why don't we find something pretty and girly for you to wear to meet the new man of the house? Let's find something in your girlfriend's wardrobe to make sure you look the part of the defeated cuckold, the sissy, the laughingstock. We're going to put you in one of her dresses and make you greet them when they get back here - how fucking humiliating for you cuckold!

Added: 15-09-2023
Clip Length: 14m 51s
Cuckolding Humiliation Chastity Feminization

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