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My Friendship Means Your Virginship
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Aw - that must have been so brave of you to tell me how you felt about me. I had no idea you were so in love with me for all that time! You've been admiring me, adoring me, secretly jerking off to me I suspect - ever since we went to school and I had no idea. Aw - it's so cute! It probably explains why I have you totally wrapped around my little finger too, right? Soooo... the thing is I couldn't ever date a guy like you - you're just too easy to boss around - and I'm way too hot for you... I think it's better for us to stay friends. It's just that I'd be kinda jealous if you dated other girls - especially as you have such strong feelings for me... so if you wanna be friends you have to stay a virgin... my little virgin chore-puppy!

I already have a list of chores you can do for me, chore-pup: like cleaning my kitchen, and scrubbing my bathroom, and folding my laundry... What a lucky slave you're gonna be, hanging my bras and panties up to dry! You're gonna see what nobody else gets to see, puppy. What other virgin loser is gonna know what kind of shampoo I use or which lipstick colour is my favourite? Oh and y'know what would really help put you in your place, virgin? A cute little uniform perfect for chores! And do you know where your place is don't you chore-puppy? Down there on the floor, on your knees, and dressed in the cutest, frilliest maid outfit. You're gonna look so adorable in your lacy apron with a leash around your neck! You should be so excited right now, puppy, cause this is your opportunity to please the too-hot-for-you princess you obviously adore so fucking much!

Obviously, I'll still be dating, virgin boy. Real men who I'll be totally into fucking - literally all the time!.. and you'll be right on call for clean-up duty. Every time I fuck a real man, you'll crawl out of the closet where you've been hiding after we're done and clean up our mess - my cummy sheets, my creamy toys, the jizz-stained towels that we use to wipe his cum off my face and pussy. You'll pat yourself on the back virgin-boi - you made it into your dream-girls bedroom! That's as close as you'll ever get to my pussy, virgin-pup... any girl's don't forget! Then it's back into your little corner of my closet, kneeling silently in your adorable little maid outfit for round 2. You won't mind waiting for him to finish will you chore-pup? I promise - after he's gone - we'll spend some 'friend' time together and we can talk about how incredible he was n'stuff. I know you'll be looking forward to that while your tucked away with my boots and shoes in the closet.

Added: 02-09-2022
Clip Length: 15m 11s
Chastity Feminization Humiliation Rejection Cuckolding

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