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Good Boys Stay Locked Up
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I know you wanna be a good boy, don't-cha? I know you want to make me happy - no matter what. I know you wanna impress your Princess - to give me extra reasons to smile - to make me proud of you. I know you do - which is why I know you're not gonna make a fuss when I lock you up. I mean - good boys don't jerk off do they? Good boys don't fuck girls like me either, right?.. Soooo - it's not really a big deal to be all locked up is it? Good boys get locked up... Good boys STAY locked up. Uh-huh they do because good-boys are pussy free... only bad boys get to fuck girls like me - and that's not you is it? You're one of the good boys who stay all caged away in chastity forever and ever. So no fuss remember, and let's get you snapped into this cute little pink device...

Good boy! Now you're all locked away for me, the bad boys I like to fuck won't have a problem with you hanging around. They won't mind you seeing me in my cute little outfits and hot lingerie because it's not like you can do anything about it, is it? It's not like you can jerk off - it's not like you can get a boner - it's not like you're gonna be tempted to try to fuck me or anything... because you just can't. You're an all-locked-up pussy-free 'good-boy'... just as it should be. Good boys wouldn't know what to do with a girl like me anyway? You wouldn't, would you? You'd be way too intimidated - you'd get it all wrong. You'd look like a virgin - you'd make me laugh not cum wouldn't you? Good boys can't make girls like me cum - only the bad boys get to do that. That's why girls like bad boys, right loser?

Y'know what I love to do with locked-up good boys like you? Teasing the fuck outta you. Teasing you with what you could've had if you were a bad boy - showing off my perfect ass, my big tits, my tiny waist - every toned curve of my tight little body. Tormenting you with what you'll never get - even if you weren't all caged away. I love flicking my hair in your face, rubbing my silky smooth body against you, letting you feel my warm breath on that poor little chastity-trapped cock. My lips so close - the lips my bad-boy boyfriends get to feel all over their big cocks right before I climb on top of them. Too bad you're a good boy huh? Too bad you're gonna stay all locked away in there forever - too bad you're gonna stay pussy free, teased and denied for good! Good boys stay locked, loser, remember? Locked forever!

Added: 03-10-2022
Clip Length: 13m 05s
Chastity Tease And Denial Rejection Humiliation Cuckolding

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