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You Can Unzip My Dress After You've Given Me The Keys
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I've really enjoyed having you as my new boyfriend. I know we've been together for a while now, and I know there's one thing you want. It's not like I haven't seen the way you look at me! It's the same way you're looking at me right now. You're staring at my perfect tits, aren't you? You're so desperate to see the, right? You wanna see my peachy ass and my gym-bunny body. But if you want to see it all - there's one condition. It's gonna sound a little weird, but it's so important to me. Have you ever heard of a male chastity device before? It's basically a cute little prison you put your cock in. Then, you lock it up and hand me the key. Sounds fun, doesn't it and I bet it would look great on you. Have we got a deal? I've got a chastity cage ready for you. If you put it on right now, and hand me the key, I'll let you unzip my dress and you'll get to see EVERYTHING... So, whattaya say?

I know you've been aching for this for so long. Just for a glimpse of my hot body. I can tell how frustrated you get when we've been grinding my ass into your lap in the club. I've seen the little boner you get after you've paid for dinner and I say thank you with a kiss. I can FEEL how hard you get when you steal a peek of my cleavage without permission. You'll get all of that, and more. All I want is for you to slip that frustrated little dick into the chastity device and hand me the key. Just this one little thing, and you'll get to see EVERYTHING. That's my rule and If you wanna keep a hot girl like me around, you have to do what she wants, right? So go on, lock yourself away. Lock it up, and give me the key. As soon as you do, I'll put on a REAL show for you. I'll let you unzip my dress and see my dream-girl. Then, I'll make even more of your dreams come true... I promise!

Tut-tut, babe. You shouldn't have done that. You're such a sucker! Do you think I'll EVER let you out of your cage now?! HA. No way, loser. You're my fucking chastity-slave now! Your cock is gonna be stuck in that cage FOR-EVVVVER! You're never gonna cum again! OMG I can't believe you fucking fell for that! You idiot. You think I'll EVER let you see me naked?! You must be joking wimp! A pathetic little man with his little cock in a cage. You'll NEVER set eyes on my dream-girl body. You'll never see my perfect tits. You'll never come close to my pussy or my ass! Instead, you'll be my personal chastity-slave. You'll cook and clean for me. You'll buy me gifts - sexy lingerie, short skirts - whatever I like to make me look EXTRA hot around you. But y'know it won't be for you. Na-ah loser, I'll never wear them FOR you. I'll wear them for real men. That's right, you'll stay locked away like a good little bitch while I bring real men back to fuck me. They'll get to see me naked - they'll get their hands all over my body. They'll feel my tits and my ass - they'll get it all and you won't even be able to jerk off to the thought of it!

Added: 11-07-2021
Clip Length: 12m 26s
Chastity Tease And Denial Rejection Humiliation Cuckolding

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