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Chastity Regret
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Oh, I know you're going to love this one. You think everything that I was doing before was cruel? Well, you don't have a clue how hard things are going to get for you. Take a good, long look at your cock - because it's the last time that you're gonna get to see it not locked up in this little chastity device that I picked out for you. I know that you've always fantasized of the idea of chastity - handing over the power of your cock to your princess but also terrified that I'd lock you away for real someday... And you're right to be afraid, loser because you have no idea how much worse I can make life in a cock-cage than you could ever imagine. I'm going to do this to you properly. I'm going to make sure that you regret ever so much as whispering the word chastity around me before now. And I'm gonna make sure you're not gonna forget this lesson in a hurry.

First things first: it wouldn't be super-fun if I didn't make it super-hard for you. So, right around the time that I picked out this tiny little chastity device for you, I made sure to pick up the sluttiest, tightest, hottest items of clothing for me. And I'm going to wear them when I'm around you all the fucking time. I'm gonna look so good in them too - I've been working out, and I know my perfect tits and my peachy ass are going to look amazing in these oh-so short little skirts and tiny, crop-tops. Oh my, I didn't even think... is that gonna make it harder for you? That's kinda the whole point chastity-boi. You better get used to seeing me parading around in my sluttiest clothes and know that you can't do a damn thing about it. Maybe I'll let you take some of the pictures that I send to my other men, how about that? Just because you're caged away it doesn't mean I should go without sex, right?

As you'll see - I made sure to find the cruellest chastity I could find. I wanted to make sure that you would remember who was in charge of this thing every time you so much as twitch at the sight of my cleavage. Not only is it ultra-small - trust me, I had to go out of my way to find one small enough to scrunch you away super-tight - it has warning spikes on the inside. Yes, isn't that amazing? Every time you get even the slightest bit swollen, OUCH! Those prongs will dig into your flesh, reminding you that you're not allowed to get excited. You think about touching yourself, OUCH! You think about how good it would feel to rub your dick up on me when I'm dressed like a goddess, OUCH! Every time I brush past you, OUCH. Every cute, girly, teasy thing I do around you - OUCH you're get reminded that you're all locked up - and that's where you're gonna stay... until I find an even smaller cage to move you into!

Added: 03-06-2024
Clip Length: 15m 32s
Chastity Tease And Denial Cuckolding Humiliation

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