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Cucks Don't Cum
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No cummies for cuckies - remember that when you're watching me getting ready tonight - cucks don't cum. Remember that rule when you're helping me pick out the lingerie I'm gonna fuck someone else in - remember it when you're helping me get dressed - fastening the suspender clips to my stockings, buckling the straps of my sexiest fuck-me heels and zipping me into my tightest little dress. Remember that cucks don't cum. Repeat it to yourself, cuckold so you don't forget - when you answer the door and invite my real man into your home - when you take his coat and fetch him a drink - remind yourself that cucks don't cum. When you see me flirting with him and touching his big arms while you stand there waiting to be bossed around - just remember that cucks don't cum.

Of course he gets to cum - he gets to cum as much as he likes - wherever he likes cuckold. I'm going to make him cum. I can't wait to give him the best orgasm - right in front of you - while you stand there repeating your rule over and over inside your head. I can't wait to suck his cock right in front of your poor hurt face - working my tongue from his balls all the way up his thick hard cock to the very tip and then back again - making the prettiest little moans as I go. You wish so badly that it was you feeling my warm, wet lips around your cock - but it's not you - it'll NEVER be you cuckold. I make other men cum - never ever you. So you'll just watch as he enjoys your little princess's mouth - and you'll say to yourself cucks don't cum while he groans with pleasure.

I'm gonna make him cum cuckold and I want you to have the best view in the house. I want your face as close to his orgasm as possible - right under the shadow of his superior real-man cock while he fucks me. I'm going to make you lie on the bed so I can climb on top of you and you can stare up at his huge cock as it pumps in and out of my cheating pussy. You can watch every thrust as his balls swing over your nose and his cock pounds deep inside me. You're not going to miss a fucking thing cuckold - especially the moment he gets to do what you're not allowed to do - the moment he gets to cum and I'm going to make sure you don't just get to see it - but you feel it too! Uh-huh you're going to feel his Alpha load drip and splatter all over your fucking face as he cums - and when he's done, we're going to remind you one more time - cucks don't cum!

Added: 20-08-2023
Clip Length: 14m 58s
Cuckolding Humiliation Rejection Tease And Denial

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