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Locked Up Cause You Didn't Measure Up
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You didn't measure up and so now you have to pay the price - that was the deal. The tape-measure doesn't lie - you both stripped for me, I measured, and you FAILED! I knew you would - I KNEW who was gonna win this cock-off way before the pants were removed... but I measured anyway - only to make sure this was as humiliating as possible for you. I measured all 9 inches of his thicker, heavier, and so obviously BIGGER cock and made you read out the result. "Nine inches Miss Karina" In your meek, trembling, embarrassed voice. Uh-huh wimp - Nine fucking inches of FLACCID cock - can you even imagine what that's gonna look like when it gets hard? You wanted to admit defeat right away - but I wasn't gonna let you off that easily - you deserve to suffer the total emasculation of having yours measured right next to your superior. What would have been more humiliating?... If I made YOU read out the result or I let HIM do it? Should I have let him read it out and allowed you to double-check?... Seriously, though - less than two pathetic inches of runt-cock to show - you failed, weakling - and now you have to pay the price!

You agreed cuckold - the winner gets to fuck me and the loser gets locked in chastity. There's no point complaining about it now - there's no point trying to get out of the deal... not unless you want me to get the winner to BEAT - YOU - UP? That would be kinda hot to watch you know - watching him beat you up before locking you in chastity - that's one way to fuck up your ego in front of your dream-girl huh? I'd enjoy that so much - seeing his big dick swinging as he beats you into submission, holds you down while we snap you into this device... Do you want to do it the hard way loser? Or do you wanna just let me scrunch you inside and click the lock on myself? Either way - it's gonna happen - you had the smaller cock - so you're the one that gets locked up. You're the loser - you're the failure - you're the one who proved he's less of a man - so you're the one that goes into chastity. He gets to fuck your girlfriend and you get to be the cuckold.

Once I've scrunched you away in that device - you're gonna get to watch the winner accept his prize - your girlfriend. Aw - don't be sad chastity-boi - he won fair and square - he had the bigger cock so he gets to fuck me and you, loser, have to watch. You have to watch from the edge of the bed, just like cucks are supposed to do - with your inferior little failure-dick pinched into the little pink chastity device as I fuck the real man winner. You have to watch him use that big cock on me - while yours suffers in that little cage. You have to see another man - a better man take what you love so much - and all you had to do was have a bigger cock than him. He'll get everything he wants - my tits, my ass, my pussy - he'll get to fuck me right in front of you and when he's ready - he'll cum wherever he likes - and guess what, cuckold - you're gonna clean that mess up for us. We'll make you - we'll make you lick up all his mess while we laugh at you - because that's what cock-failure cuckolds like you deserve!

Added: 29-12-2023
Clip Length: 15m 32s
Chastity Cuckolding Small Penis Humiliation Humiliation

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