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The CruelGirlfriend Marriage Counselling Service
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Firstly, I know this is a difficult time for you and your wife so thank you for agreeing to come in to see me alone today. As you know I met with you both a week or so ago and I met with your wife alone yesterday as a follow-up and to provide her with the advice I'm here to give you today. I understand how embarrassing it must have been for you to hear your wife telling me all about your 'little problem' and I could see how much it made you blush and fidget when she showed me the pictures. Your 'inadequacy' clearly causes you a great deal of shame, right? Well don't worry, as your marriage counsellor, I understand and I want to help. You can trust me. I have seen many couples who have suffered this very same issue and there is a solution. What your wife needs... sorry, what your relationship needs... is a big cock.

As I told your wife yesterday, the reason why your cock is so small and unsatisfying is because you waste all your testosterone secretly jerking off to humiliation-porn. I know, I know - a minor breach of confidentiality but if you want me to help fix your relationship there can't be any secrets between the three of us. You spend far too much time stroking to femdom-brats and it's causing you to fail at being a real-man for your wife... so... the first step is to lock your cock into a little chastity device to stop all that. Now don't worry, I gave your wife the key at our meeting so she can let you out of it once she decides you are ready to fuck her again... which will be when your testosterone is back to normal levels. The cage will stop you from losing any more but the most important step is to replace the testosterone you've already lost... I recommend you do this by ingesting cum... from a big, alpha, hormone-rich, real-man cock!

I have a number of alpha men on retainer - all of whom are more than willing to help you and your wife fix your struggling marriage. I promise - with one of my relationship-studs moving in with the two of you for an extended period, you really can work this out. Because you'll be all locked up in chastity, your wife will have the guilt-free sexual freedom she needs - replacing you as her source of sexual fulfilment in the bedroom with someone much bigger than you while you recover from your deleted testosterone... which, as I already mentioned, will come from swallow his cum. Now this has to work for everyone involved so the suggestion I made to your wife yesterday was for her to dress you as sexy and girly around your new Alpha as possible. A slutty dress, cute lingerie. fuck-me heels, a bimbo wig and pretty makeup. I know - it's unconventional but it'll work - You trust me don't you?

Added: 13-08-2023
Clip Length: 16m 31s
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