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Respect His Girlfriend-Stealing Cock
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My real-man has such a BIG cock - superior to yours in every single way. and it's time for you to show him some respect for having a cock that can actually satisfy your hot cheating girlfriend, cuckold. You need to show him how grateful you are for giving me the pleasure you fail to give me - after all he's doing all the hard work in YOUR bedroom while you're cowering in the spare room. He's the man fucking your little princess and turning her into his cock-hungry little slut. He's the one who flips me around our bedroom, making me orgasm over and over again like you've NEVER be capable of doing. So yeah, cuckold it's about time you showed him the respect he deserves, and you thank him for having a cock that can do the job that your unwanted cuck-dick has NEVER managed to do.

After he's finished with me tonight, I'm gonna call you into our bedroom. You can come out from hiding in the spare room with your cuckold dick all caged away in its chastity device and you can kneel before the man who's just fucked your dream-girl. Look up at my boyfriend, cuckold. Look up at the new man of our house and say 'Thank you SIR for having a SUPERIOR cock to fuck my perfect girlfriend with'. I want him to see the shame and defeat in your eyes and hear your voice tremble as you totally emasculate yourself in front of him - you need to know your place in this house now cuckold. He's the real man around here and I'm going to prove it to you. I want you to look at his amazing cock. I want you to admire every inch of the cock that makes your own wife beg for more.

I want you to feel so embarrassed by your inferior beta-cock next to his real-man cock. I'll take his heavy dick in my hand and compare it to your poor scrunched up little nub - squished inside its cage and I'll laugh out loud at the shame on your face. I want to see your face blush red with humiliation as you lavish my real-man with compliments about his impressive cock. We'll both laugh at you, cuckold, you can be sure of that. We'll laugh at you and mock you, and when we're done humiliating you, we're going to go right back to fucking - but this time you don't get to hide away like a coward. You'll stay right with us to keep praising my fuck-buddy on how he fucks me so much better than you ever could.

Added: 14-11-2022
Clip Length: 12m 40s
Cuckolding Chastity Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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