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The More He Takes From You - The More I Give Him
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Every time my real man takes something from you - I reward him. I give him whatever he likes whenever he takes from you and he takes a LOT from you doesn't he cuckold? First he took me from you - breaking your poor cuckold heart. He saw me with you and knew he could steal me away from you. He took me from you right away - leaving you stood there holding our drinks as we fucked. You stood no chance cuckold. He took your girlfriend from you cuckold but he also took your pride, your dignity, your ego. You couldn't stand up to him and you couldn't stop me from cheating on you. All you could do is watch as another man walked off with your girlfriend. I'll never forget that soppy look on your face when I told you I'll be home in the morning and left you there. You looked like you were gonna cry. That was the first time he took from you cuckold - but he has taken so much more since.

Next he took away what masculinity you had left. He decided that you weren't to fuck me ever again and told you that you'd have to wear a chastity device if you wanted to stay with me. He took your own cock away from you. I loved clicking that padlock shut in front of him, handing him the key so you knew it was final. I had to give him something so special for doing that to you cuckold. I gave him all the things I've never done with you. He fucked me right in front of you - as I thanked him from taking your sex-life from you. You had to watch as he fucked your girlfriend while I told him how much I enjoyed ending your sex-life for him. The tears rolling down your cheeks were the perfect match to the tears of precum leaking from the end of your new chastity device cuckold!

Finally he took your sexuality from you and I'll never see you as my boyfriend again. The confusion on your face when he told you to get him hard for me made me laugh out loud at you. You looked at me for help - begging me with your eyes to not let him do this to me but I just giggled and told you to hurry up and start sucking him. You had no choice cuckold - nobody was going to get you out of this. Nobody was gonna help you. So he took your sexuality - he turned you gay right in front of me. You opened your mouth and sucked his cock. You sucked him until he was hard enough to fuck your girlfriend - all the time calling you a fucking faggot. I gave everything to him after that cuckold. Everything he wanted while you enjoyed the taste of his cock in your mouth.. Drink your own milk and make yourself big and strong. You don't want to be bullied and picked on right? You don't want to be pathetic and wimpy right? You don't want girls to make fun of you for being such a weakling. So milk that cum - fuck your ass faggot - fuck your faggot-milk out of yourself and drink it all up. Open your mouth, scoop up your slime and eat it - every fucking drop!

Added: 13-09-2020
Clip Length: 14m 19s
Cuckolding Humiliation Bi Humiliation Chastity

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