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Suck A Bully Or Lose Your Girl
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I can't even begin to describe how humiliating this is gonna be for you! Remember that guy the other night?.. The guy that pushed you aside in the club last weekend - the guy that stole me from you all night is coming over in a minute - just to make it clear he's gonna be my new man now. We were texting each other about how you must totally hate him for making you look like such an idiot in front of all my girlfriends last weekend. We joked about how ALL your girlfriends have cheated on you with other guys. I told him I thought it would be so fucking hot if he came over and fucked me right in front of you to show you that you're always destined to be a cuckold.

I'm gonna LOVE making you feel so fucking jealous! Like I actually can't wait for him to fuck me in front of you just so I can see the moment your heart breaks haha! I'm gonna fuck the guy who made you look like a wimp in front of all my girlfriends and I'm gonna fuck him right in front of you. You can watch by the side of the bed as he takes your little princess from you. The man that bullied you in the club - getting his big cock sucked by your cheating girlfriend and there's nothing you can do about it. You're gonna REALLY hate him, but guess what - it's me you should be hating the most because I'm gonna make this SO much more humiliating for you than you can ever imagine. I'll make you be EXTRA respectful and submissive to him while he's here. Obviously you'll call him sir and thank him for fucking your cheating girlfriend. Thank you SIR for fucking my beautiful cheating girlfriend haha!

Feel humiliated yet cuckold, on your knees at the end of the bed grovelling to your bully. Please SIR, may I watch my girlfriend suck your superior cock... haha! That's what I'm gonna make you beg him... But guess what - instead of being given permission to watch me put my pretty lips around his big hard cock - you're gonna hear him order YOU to suck his cock instead! This is the final humiliation we've got planned for you that will really put you in your place, cuckold. The guy you hate so much is gonna make you suck his cock. Right in front of your heartless bitch of a girlfriend. I'm gonna watch you to drop to your knees and submit your mouth to his cock - right in front of me. How fucking humiliating for you. He's going to make you suck cock before he fucks your girlfriend. And you're gonna do it because if you don't - I'll make him my PERMANENT boyfriend - and where will that leave you cuckold?

Added: 14-08-2020
Clip Length: 14m 35s
Bi Humiliation Cuckolding Humiliation Chastity

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