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Sissy Turned Gay 'Cause It's A Girls Only Vay-Cay
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I guess you heard all that, huh sissy? The girls and I are off on vay-cay for two whole weeks. I SO can't wait! We're gonna have the best time in Bali. I bet you're little dick is already drooling at the thought of all of us sunbathing in our tiny bikinis. I bet your chastity cage is feeling awfully tight at that mental image - 4 hot bratty girls in our cute 2 pieces - soaking up the attention by the pool. Your little key glistening with sweat between the cleavage of my big fake tits as I sip cocktails in the sun. Ouchy - is that scrunchy little cock-cage hurting the more I talk about it? The more I describe how hot we're gonna look in our flirty little summer outfits. It's probably a good thing you won't get to see us - I mean if the idea alone makes your poor, locked up cock suffer so much - can you imagine how much pain it would cause you to actually see us - our peachy, round asses, our long golden legs, side-boob, cleavage and long hair rolling down our backs - I swear - you're so lucky you don't get to see any of it.

Just because you're not gonna be totally teased by beautiful girls for the next 2 weeks, don't think you're gonna have an easy time while we're away though sissy, oh no. It's a girls' holiday, meaning NO boyfriends allowed. Which means, for the next two weeks, our real-man boyfriends are going to be home alone - just like you. Except... whilst none of us girls care one little bit about leaving you all alone, sissy - we kinda feel bad for our real men. Y'know without their super-hot girlfriends around they're not gonna have anyone to suck their cocks... and you guessed it, sissy - that's where you come in! Every morning while we're away, you're going to wake up extra-early, shower, shave your legs, fix your make up, slip into your sissy maid uniform and heels and then you're going to head over to each of the girls' houses to take care of all the chores... and I mean ALL of the chores sissy!Obviously, you'll take care of all the housekeeping duties - dusting and scrubbing like a good little missy-maid. Our boyfriends can be such slobs when they don't have us around to impress. But that's not all you're good for around the house is it, sissy? Our boyfriends are going to be missing having our mouths wrapped around their cocks on a daily basis - and we expect YOU to keep ALL our men nice and satisfied while we're away. I expect you to obey their every command, understand? So if they want you to play substitute girlfriend while we're on vay-cay - that's exactly what you're gonna do. If they tell you to suck their cocks, you'll fucking suck them. If they want to fuck your sissy pussy, you'll bend the fuck over and lift your frilly petticoat over your bottom for them. Oh and remember to be super-polite to them too sissy - they are our boyfriends remember - so when they're balls deep inside one of your fuck-holes I want you to beg for their cum and after each load they shoot into you or splatter over you - make sure to thank them with a pretty ''Thank you, sir'', you got that, Missy? Good girl... See you in two weeks, sissy.

Added: 06-11-2023
Clip Length: 15m 17s
Feminization Bi Humiliation Chastity Humiliation

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