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The Sissy Sacrifices
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Your first sacrifice will be your dignity, sissy. When you're dressed in an embarrassingly short - ultra-feminine - extra short dress, with mincing ribbons cuffed to your wrists and ankles, and a huge pink bow in your long blonde curly wig, and your long stockinged legs balanced high upon a pair of impossible stripper-heels... how could you ever expect to hold on to a shred of dignity huh? Your make-up set thick on your face, your painted fingers holding a cute little purse, your ruffled panties peeking out from under your frilly petticoats - how could you not blush with shame huh... especially when you're made to model your humiliating costume in a very visible - very busy - and very PUBLIC place! Do you think you'd have any dignity left - made to stand like that in a mall - in a bar - in a hotel lobby, sissy? As you soak up the scorn and ridicule of everyone who sees you? No sissy - you will be mortified - you will have tears in your eyes - you will be shaking with humiliation - your dignity will be destroyed.

The next sacrifice you will make is your right to pleasure. Sissies wear chastity devices to keep them focussed on more important things than their own selfish needs. You won't be jerking off, you won't be making yicky cummy stains in your satins, you won't be getting little pity-boners - not when you have sissy duties to take care of. You have girls to serve, you have chores to complete, you have guests to entertain and you'll do it all while locked up in the smallest device I can squeeze you into! You'll watch as everyone else gets to enjoy themselves - while you serve. Everyone else gets to fuck, gets to cum - sissies do not - sissies clean up. Sissies take care of all the chores so that their owners have more time to do the things they want to do - sissies sacrifice their pleasure so that everyone else can have pleasure. Keeping you locked up in chastity ensures all you'll worry about it making everyone else happy.

Your last sacrifice, sissy, will be your sexuality. You've lost your right to decide your sexuality - this will be decided for you. If you're hoping to be one of the lucky girls that become lesbian sissies - and get to make out with other girls in your pretty uniforms, you're gonna be so disappointed! No sissy - you're going to be the kind of sissy that gets used by men - dominant men! You're going to sacrifice your mouth and ass to the kind of men that love to humiliate pantied failures like you. You're going to sacrifice yourself to cock, sissy. You're going to be expected to use your mouth to make men cum - you're going to be expected to suck cock and bend over to be fucked. You're going to be expected to dress up for men - to model and flirt and look pretty - for men. You will accept this sacrifice sissy - you will give up any illusions of being straight or being with girls ever again. Your final sacrifice will be your sexuality.

Added: 14-11-2021
Clip Length: 14m 50s
Feminization Chastity Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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