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Gay While It's Caged Away
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I'm not a TOTAL bitch y'know - I can be fair when I wanna be... I'm happy for you to fuck as many girls as you like when you're not all locked away your emasculating pink chastity device... but when you are... it's you that's getting fucked. I'm going to let men fuck you. One after another, for as long as that little device is snapped around your unwanted dick, men will use your smooth, feminized body - fucking you until THEY are satisfied. That cute little device will swing between your legs with every thrust of real-man cock into your mouth or ass. You'll take them all sissy - because that's the rule... You're GAY while your cock is in chastity. You're no good to any woman like that after all... but your mouth and ass can be made use of by lots and lots of real men, sissy.

Dressed up like a girl and fucked by men while your cock is all locked up in chastity - is gonna be kinda humiliating for you, but don't worry - I'm going to be right there with you while everyone has their fun with you. I wouldn't want my poor sissy to have to go through all that shame on her own. After all - I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to make it EVEN MORE humiliating! Haha! Your hot dream-girl Princess right there with you to make fun out of your caged-up cock, swinging between your legs as real men take turns filling your ass with cum. You'll appreciate my girlish giggles as you beg for some pleasure of your own with another men's slime splashed all over your cage and ass. I'll totally fucking humiliate you, sissy, and it'll get worse and worse as each guy leaves another thick cumload inside you.

It's only while you're locked in chastity, remember, sissy. As soon as you're released from your little pink cock-prison you can go right back to being straight again. As soon as I set your cock free you won't have to wear the panties and the stockings and those emasculating uniforms to please men. You won't have to wear a wig and makeup, the tight corset and the high heels - you can be a man again. I promise sissy - it's only while you're locked up. So just try to imagine how good it's going to be when you're finally allowed to be straight While that big hard cock is pounding into you. Imagine being the one with your dick inside a cock-hungry fuck-hole. Imagine it's not you in girly frills but the dream-girl you'll get to fuck. Try to focus on that instead of the thick cumload being pumped into your throat sissy.

Added: 31-03-2023
Clip Length: 14m 36s
Feminization Chastity Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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