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Turned Into A Girl Because You Failed As A Boy
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Oh seriously, sissy. you need to stop complaining - it's not like you were ever even meant to be a boy in the first place! You're girlier than most real girls I know. You don't have muscles like men do. You're so easy to dominate and overpower - it's like you were never meant to be a boy at all. So, I don't get why you're complaining about being turned into a girl so much. Is it because you're embarrassed? I guess it IS humiliating. I mean instead of trying to fuck me right now - you're being feminized and sissified and laughed at. Instead of standing up to me like a real man would - you're pouting and sulking like a little bitch... but the one thing you're not doing is stopping me from turning you into a pretty feminine girl. You're not putting up any fight at all - because you can't can you - because you're a sissy who was never meant to be a boy!

I'm going to put right all the things that are wrong about you SISSY. You were never meant to be a boy - you were meant to be a girl - so that's what I'm going to turn you into... starting with that pointless 'lil nub between your legs. Girls don't have dicks so they sissy? No they don't so I'm going to hide yours away in this little barbie-pink chastity device and lock it up. You will have to sit down like a girl to pee and you won't be able to touch it ever again. Girls don't have cocks, sissy - so neither will you. You'll have to learn to find your pleasure just like girls do - but you won't ever get to stroke your cock like a boy - you'll just get to look down at the pink cage where your cock used to be as a permanent reminder of your new girlier identity - the one you should have always had.

Oh and girls don't wear boy clothes either do they, sissy? So I'm going to dress you up cute and pretty just like me. You can wear pretty, girly panties and soft stockings on your smooth shaved body. And you'll wear cute dresses or short skirts and dainty tops and pretty heels. You're going to look so adorable! You'll have a long hair that we'll put pink ribbons and bows in and long fluttering eyelashes. I'll teach you to paint your face with the prettiest makeup and we'll fix long matching nails to your fingers. You'll look so girly nobody will ever know you were born a boy and you'll live the rest of your life as a girl - just like you were always meant to. Does that sound better, sissy? To be forced to live the rest of your life as a girl? I hope so because by the time I'm done with you there will be no going back!

Added: 26-02-2023
Clip Length: 13m 41s
Feminization Chastity Humiliation Bi Humiliation

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