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Say Super-Gay Things Until You Sissygasm
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Are you ready to sissygasm Princess? Is your body soft and smooth like a real girl's? Your legs shaved with a fresh pair of stocking rolled up yor thighs? Are you wearing your prettiest lingerie set - the frilliest panties and bra? Have you stepped into your tallest bedheels and locked on a cute little maid's uniform? Is your face painted with lipstick and makeup? Have you glued the longest lashes to your feminine face and long nails to the tips of your fingers? Are you wearing a beautiful long blonde wig with hair cascading down you back and a little maid's cap perched on top? And most importantly, is your little girly-cock safely locked up in chastity? Are you caged away for your sissygasm, Missy? Do you look and feel like a girl who wants to ride a big hard cock to orgasm? Do you sissy? Then say it... Say those humiliating words out loud - ''I'm a girl wants to ride a big hard cock'' Say it sissy... because I have a lot more humiliating things waiting for you to repeat while you're bouncing on cock for me.

Face the mirror you little pansy. Prop up a mirror and look at your reflection as you crouch down on your lubed up rubber cock. Look at yourself as you fill your girly ass up! Bounce on that cock, sissy, nice and slowly, all the way in and then all the way out. Every ass-stretching inch of it! Wriggle onto it - take it all the way inside - accept that whole cock deep into your ass for me - totally penetrating you like a girl should be - filling yourself with cock all the way down to its big rubber balls. Do you feel like a girl now sissy? Do you feel like a submissive little slut? Go on - Say it. Say it out loud ''I feel like a girl now'' ... ''I feel like a submissive slut'' Make your super-gay confession as you take an XXL cock in your feminized bottom. ''I love taking cock in my ass for daddy'' say it you fucking slut! Say super-gay things as you bounce on cock. This is how you're gonna cum, faggot - all locked up in chastity, cock filling your fuck-hole and saying super-gay things out loud to yourself in the mirror!.

Pansies like you have to sissygasm because you're not allowed to cum like a real man - because your sissy-clit is all caged away - because you're dressed like a fucking GIRL. Do you feel humiliated? A hot, bitchy femdom Princess - teaching you to fill your ass with cock to earn a sissygasm as she gives you super-gay things to say. ''Please let me bounce on cock''... ''I'm such a sissy gay-boi for big hard cocks'' ... Yeah you should feel humiliated - you should feel totally ashamed of yourself... ''Shame me with your bully cocks'' ... ''Stretch my ass until I sissygasm'' ... ''Keep me locked and feed me cum'' ... humiliating, right?... and you're about to feel a hundred times more humiliated as soon as that super-sized cock and all those super-gay words makes you cum in chastity for me. Say more gay things, faggot - keep going... ''Hurt me with cocks'' ... ''Turn me into a barbie fuck-dolly'' Bounce on those cocks as you humiliate yourself... until you're begging for your sissygasm like a good girl.

Added: 31-12-2023
Clip Length: 15m 09s
Chastity Sissygasms Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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