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Cum In Chastity With Cum In You
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New rule, faggot... from now on you only get to cum with another man's load in your mouth or ass... oh and sub-rule to the new rule - the cage doesn't come off. Allow me to fill in some of the gaps for you - if you ever wanna cum again - you're gonna do it AFTER another man has dumped the contents of his ball-sack into your mouth or deep inside your ass AND only while wearing your little pink cage. Humiliating, right? You have to allow yourself to be totally used - you have to satisfy another man - sucking his cock until he fills your mouth with cum - bending over, arching your back and letting him thrust his dick into you until he pumps spunk into your ass... only then are you allowed to cum - in your cage. And how might you do that huh, faggot? How might you cum after he's already satisfied? He's done with you after all - you'll have the proof swimming around in your ass or pooled on your tongue. So how will you find your scrap of pleasure after he's taken his, gayboi?... More humiliation that's how!

That cumload has to stay right where he left it until you've chastity-gasmed in your cage, gay-boi. You don't get to swallow it - you don't get to clean yourself up - his load stays inside until you've suffered enough humiliation to earn yourself a ruined cage-gasm. You know how you can earn one of them, right? You have some options... You could try cage-jerking?... Y'know - like stroking and tugging on your cage as if it were your own cock - that could work? Tugging away on your little pink cage - trying to build up enough of a sensation to leak out a pathetic, pleasureless humili-gasm. I mean - you could try, right? Orrrr... maybe you could cage-hump a pillow - pretending to fuck it while you're all locked up until you cream your cage and drool a puddle of your own mess onto your favourite pillow. Maybe you could buzz the fuck outta your cage with a vibe? Buzzzzz! haha! Buzz-buzz! Haha - that would definitely achieve the desired amount of emasculating humiliation that would tip you over the edge. Or maybe you need even more penetration? Maybe you need extra cock pumped into your ass to push your cum-button and trigger a super-gay super-humiliating sissygasm?

It's not important which option we use on you, faggot - what's important is that it's gonna be so fucking humiliating for you... because after another man has had his pleasure with you - you're gonna be left desperately trying to find your own pleasure by totally degrading yourself. You're gonna have to do the most humiliating things in order to cum inside your chastity device. Annnd - you're gonna hear the most humiliating things too - because I'm gonna help you cum by making the whole predicament even more embarrassing for you - calling you names, insulting you, and verbally bullying you! Cum filling your ass - your dick filling your cage and my mocking insults filling your ears - that's how you have to come forever more... starting right now gayboi - show me how you're gonna cum for the rest of your life - show me what your sex-life has become and cum in your cage for me - buzz it, hump it, jerk it or fill your ass and cum in chastity you pathetic cum receptacle. Cum in chastity - show me this is the sex-life you deserve, loser.

Added: 08-04-2024
Clip Length: 17m 43s
Chastity Sissygasms Bi Humiliation Humiliation Pillow Humping

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