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Loser Assignments For Your Boys Night Out
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Oh wow, loser... you must be so excited. You must be really looking forward to your boys night out this weekend, huh? You've probably been planning this for weeks - which bar to meet up at - what new shirt you're gonna wear - when to get your hair cut. A night out with the boys is quite the event for a loser like you, isn't it? You must be so pumped up for this... which is gonna make it all the more fun to ruin it for you, fucktard. Yuh-huh, you heard me right - I wanna ruin your boys night fun. I've made some plans of my own to make sure you don't forget what you are when you're trying to play real-man with your buddies. A loser. Just because you want a night out with the guys, drooling over hot girls at the bars and clubs, spending your money at the strip-club on too-good-for-you dancers in bikinis and bragging about which ones would 'definitely' fuck you... it doesn't change what you really are - a pathetic, submissive, brat-worshiping LOSER! And I'm gonna make sure you remember that while you're out this weekend by setting you some loser-affirming tasks.

It's not just one task, loser. You're getting a whole bunch of them to make sure you can't relax into pretending to be a real-man with your buddies. That just won't do - I want you to feel constantly aware of just what a fucking loser you are - the kind of beta that girls like me dominate and humiliate for money. I want you to feel inferior to all the pretty girls you and your friends will be gooning over, at all times - I want you to be reminded that they will never date you, fuck you or give you their attention... because you're a loser and you don't deserve it. Your friends pointing out hot girls in cute club-night outfits should be fun, right loser?... not for you. No, loser - every girl they tell you to check out is too good for you, too hot for you, too intimidating for you. You don't deserve any of them because you're a loser. You're a submissive wimp - a beta male - an unfuckable reject that girls like me laugh at - we don't want you coming over to us in the club and asking to buy us a drink. And that's why I'm setting you these humiliating assignments.

You need these assignments, loser. They're gonna make sure that you go home alone after your boys night out. Your buddies may get lucky - but not you - NEVER you. You'll never trick a girl into thinking you're a real man - I'm gonna make sure of that. These assignments will keep your mind in the beta-zone with an overwhelming sense of failure, inferiority and worthlessness hanging over you. That's exactly what you deserve - you deserve to stay pussy-free, alone, unloved and hated by all the hot girls you could only wish for. You deserve to feel humiliated, rejected and ignored by girls like me - hot girls. That's the life you should have - the life you've earned for yourself by being such a fucking loser. Are you listening to me putting you down, idiot? Are my insults soaking into you - because I want every one of them playing on loop in your head while you're out on your boys night. Every time you see a hot girl, or a group of pretty girls together - I want you to remember these words - you do not deserve them - you do not deserve to talk to the - you don't even deserve to look at them. You're a loser - a pig - a failure - a wimp - a submissive. You are inferior, pathetic, worthless... they all hate you, loser... go home alone.

Added: 10-03-2024
Clip Length: 19m 03s
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