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Girls Will Always Cheat On You
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Maybe you don't even realise you're being cheated on but trust me, you are. You're EXACTLY the kind of loser that girls cheat on. If we were dating - I'd cheat on you for sure. You were born to be a cuckold to bitchy girls like me. Unless a girl is being totally satisfied by the man of her dreams - we're always looking for a better option - do you think you're ANY girl's dream guy? Girls will always cheat on you loser because you allow us to cheat on you. You make it easy for us because you're sexually inferior to other men.

I actually enjoy dating guys like you - just because I get to cheat on you all the time. You pay my bills, you buy me nice things, fuck I can even make you pay for my date-nights with my fuck-toys and make you buy my hot outfits to look good for them. I take everything I want from you and then fuck other men behind your back - I get the best of both worlds. Of course, you get the worst of both worlds. You're spending all your money on your beautiful trophy girlfriend but you're not getting anything in return. I'm saving it all for the guys I'm cheating on you with.

You're just the guy that gets cheated on by his bitch girlfriend and other guys get to fuck your girlfriend. They get sex-messages with photos of your girlfriend in the expensive lingerie you bought her, they get to fuck her in all your favourite positions while you're at work. They get all the fantasy-sex you'll never have. Girls cheat on you because you'll never be man enough to stop us and because other men better than you. Girls will always cheat on you because you're a cuckold.

Added: 09-02-2020
Clip Length: 15m 34s
Cuckolding Humiliation Rejection Findom

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