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Pretty Girls Just Take Your Money
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Life just didn't deal you the kinda hand that makes it possible to date a hot girl like me. It's mostly not your fault - it's just genetics or something but you're not the kind of guy girls like me want to be with. In fact, pretty girls like me totally take advantage of wimps like you because we know losers like you want what you can't have. You'd give anything to be noticed by a girl like me... to be seen with me... to date me... to fuck me... which makes you so easy to rinse. Sorry but that's just the truth - wimps like you are easy to rinse because you want what you can't have and you definitely can't have me!I let you think there's a chance - I'll flirt with you, I'll tease you, smile, giggle, play with my hair - just enough to let you think that I like you... which I don't. Then I'll just tell you to give me some money. You'll hesitate for a second as the truth hits you - I'm only interested in your money - but you'll still give it to me. You'll give me your money because I'm pretty and I'm better than you. You'll give me your money, you'll buy me gifts and you'll pay my bills - whatever I ask for. That's just the price wimps like you have to pay for a pretty girl's attention. My girlfriends will help me rinse you too, loser, and you won't stand a chance. You don't want to looke cheap in front of me and all my hot girlfriends do you? So you'll buy our drinks and pay for everything we tell you to - just so we don't reject and ignore you. Don't be sad loser. It's not all your fault after all - girls like me just got dealt the better hand in life and it's your place to be rinsed by all the pretty girls!

Added: 20-09-2019
Clip Length: 16m 52s
Findom Humiliation Rejection

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