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Caught By The Cuckysitter
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Heyyyy! I'm sorry your wife didn't get a chance to introduce me - she was in such a rush to meet her 'date'... I'm Aurora ... your new cuckysitter. Wifey hired me to come over and take care of you while she's out with her new man. Wow - have you seen that guy! He's way older than me - but I'd totally fuck him too. He's really hot - like muscular and handsome and full of big-dick energy. No wonder she's leaving you with me for the night. If he was my boyfriend I'd make an extra special effort to look good for him too - just like your wife did tonight. I'd wear something just like this for him - something to really get him turned on... do you like what your bratty cuckysitter is wearing tonight, Mr Cucky-Panties? Is this what you'd like me to wear if I was your girlfriend? haha!... Sorry, sweetie - I don't date cuckolds anyway.

So why don't you show me what you were up to on that laptop Mr Stiffie-pants. Show me - I wanna see what you were up to the moment wifeys back was turned - right before Aurora turned up to supervise you while she was out with her real-man. Show me... Let me see what you have on your laptop... Hmm... click click click... Ew! What's this?... CruelGirlfriend dot com? What? Cruel Girlfriends are experts in humiliation?... they feminize you, cock you in chastity and cuckold you? CruelGirlfriends use every one of your submissive fetishes against you to blackmail you into a life of servitude? Ah-hahaha! This is what you're into? I bet you feel so embarrassed right now Mr-cuckypants? Explaining your humili-porn addiction to a girl half your age? I bet you're TERRIFIED I'm gonna tell on you too?

Let me see... do I tell on you? Or do I blackmail you instead? Do I call wifey and leave you for her to punish or do I humiliate you myself, huh? Shall I let her make you pay for being a naughty cuckold - or shall I make you pay?... Hmmm let me think... I think I'LL make you pay Mr Cucky-pants. Like, literally - from your wallet. I want $1,000 for starters cuck-pig - you can send it right into my bank account and maybe I'll keep your bad-behaviour between us. And then - when you've sent me my fee for keeping a secret - I'm gonna humiliate you! I'm gonna send you into the bedroom and do all the things you were gonna jerk off to while your wife was out. I'm gonna dress you up in her panties and bra and I'll scrunch your feet into a pair of her heels and use her vibrator on your ass until you leak out a failure-gasm while I giggle at you. I'll let you explain to her why her favourite panties are covered in loser-slime when she gets home you little cuck!

Added: 31-07-2023
Clip Length: 15m 56s
Cuckolding Findom Blackmail Brat Girls Humiliation

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