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Blackmailed By A Bratty Cyber Bully
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It's too fucking late, idiot! I have everything I need already - if you switch off now, I'll just fuck your life up forever. Do you understand? You've been hacked you little submissive - hacked by the brat who is gonna blackmail the fuck out of you. You don't need to know how I did it or when I did it - all you need to know is that I've collected all the information I need to ruin you. I have all your email contacts - I have all your social media contacts - I have all your employment details and most importantly - I have all your embarrassing femdom fantasies. It's too late for you now - even if you switch off, I have all the material I need to ruin you. Everyone in your life will discover what you really are - a wimp who jerks off to humili-porn. A sissy that wears panties while girls bully you online. A loser who gets off to being insulted and laughed at by snarky Princesses. If you want everyone to know who you really are - just switch off right now...

You're fucked - whether you like it or not, you really are fucked. You can get angry, you can get upset, you can panic and beg as much as you like - it won't change a thing because I don't care about you... in fact, because I've uncovered just what a pathetic humiliation freak you are I want to make you suffer even more - I'm going to enjoy it. Most victims have secrets from their wives, girlfriends, work colleagues etc - but nothing like you - your secrets are totally humiliating - your secrets would destroy you - your secrets are worth a fortune to a girl like me and I'm gonna exploit every one of them. You are going to be my very own piggie bank. When I want some money - I'll make you pay me. You won't complain, you won't keep me waiting, you'll just thank me and pay me. That's the life you have now piggie - that's what blackmail means - it means you have no choice - it means I own you - it means you'll keep giving me what I want or face the consequences... the humiliating, life destroying consequences!

I know you're terrified. I know you wish there was another way out of this for you but there really isn't. The only thing I'm interested in is your money. I have full control of your device - I can access all your social media accounts, your email, your bank accounts. I can do what I like to you - the only thing stopping me from totally ruining your life is the money you're going to be paying me for the rest of your life. That's right loser - there's no end to this - this doesn't stop after you've sent me your paycheck - I'll be taking next months and then the next and the next. I'll make you downgrade your car; I'll make you sell possessions; I'll make you get a second job - whatever your blackmailer decides for you. I own your whole life loser. You'll ask me permission for everything - if you want to meet your friends, if you need new clothes, if you want to watch porn - you'll ask me for permission. If you want to date a girl or fuck your own wife - you'll ask me for permission... I'll probably say no - or maybe I'll charge you for the privilege. This is how it is for you now loser - you're trapped. You were hacked by a brat and that means you're owned by a brat too.

Added: 04-02-2024
Clip Length: 15m 12s
Blackmail Findom Humiliation Brat Girls

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