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Bullied By Her Best Friends
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Yeah - we know your girlfriend isn't here yet - we're early on purpose, loser. We wanted to make sure that we had you alone when we told you what we know about you. So this is the thing loser, we've never liked you - we've never liked our girlfriend dating you and we've always known you weren't good enough for her... So when we found your icky porno stash... we knew we had you where we wanted you! Like - if she knew you jerked off to random girls behind her back - that would totally get you dumped... but what you jerk off to is WAY worse than that, right? You're beating off to guys getting bullied and humiliated by girls - it's HUMILIPORN. She'd NEVER forgive you for that loser! You should be ashamed of yourself. Bullied by girls? Dominated by girls? Blackmailed, Beaten, Rinsed, Locked up and cuckolded by GIRLS? That's the kinda porn you like? Ew! That makes you so much more of a loser than we ever even thought - but now you're in BIG trouble reject!

Can you imagine what will happen if she finds out that you're... Ew a submissive! haha! Of course you fucking do, that's why you tried to keep it a secret... because you know what she would do if she knew about it. She'd be disgusted by you, as disgusted as we were when we found it. Videos of guys getting dressed up like girls - pictures of leather-girls with strap-on cocks. Like WTF you freak! You're gonna be willing to do ANYTHING to make sure we don't tell your girlfriend about your disgusting little fetishes, right? So I guess you'd better get used to being bullied by girls for real because now we have all this evidence against you - we're gonna make your life a total misery. You're OUR humiliation bitch now - just like in all that pervy femdom stuff you jerk off to. You're gonna be our blackmail victim - you're gonna be our paypig. You're gonna be our helpless bitch in your very own femdom reality show! We're gonna find out if you like the reality as much as the fantasy, loser!

So we're gonna start off by taking your money - we'll dig our pretty nails into all of your pay-checks from now on. Then you're going to be running errands for us! We'll tell you to do something for us and you'll fucking do it humili-porn creamer!.. otherwise we'll just have to share the pictures of your icky little stash and make sure your girlfriend and everyone else you care about sees them. And if you think that's harsh - wait until you find out what we're gonna do to you for fun! We'll do all the things those girls like to do in your femdom-porn - like strap-on fuck your ass and kick you in the balls and make you eat our boyfriends cum and spitting on you and dressing you up like a maid n'stuff. We're gonna turn you into our pathetic little bullied wimp. And even if you do everything we say... even if you pay us and spoil us and do all the humiliating things we tell you to we might still just decide to expose you anyway. Just for kicks. Haha!

Added: 25-04-2022
Clip Length: 16m 06s
Blackmail Humiliation Findom Brat Girls Home Wrecker

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