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Homewrecked Humiliholic
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I'm going to make you devote your life to humili-porn - sacrificing everything and everyone else of any value in your life. Wifey, and your boring family, your job, your friends will all slide into the gutter for your humili-porn addiction. The best thing is - nobody will ever forgive you when they find out what me and my bratty Humiliation Princesses have done to you, loser. Totally addicting you to beautiful girls like me calling you a fucking loser, rejecting you, and making fun of you - and of course rinsing every spare dollar out of you. Being our findom humiliholic is SO much more important to you than wifey, right bator-boy? Does she have a body like mine loser? Is she pretty like me? Does she have perfect tits like me and a cute little ass? No - loser - your wife is an ugly, boring pig - she could NE-VER compete... so you'll spend your life jerking off to my clips and spending your money on me instead of her like a good little humiliholic!

No more sex with wifey for you - it's humiliation porn only for you now - You will NEVER fuck her again - humili-porn is all you need loser and humili-porn brats deserve ALL of your time, attention and money - you got that? I want you jerking off to me and my girlfriends rejecting you all the fucking time. You're going to jerk away your pointless life spending less and less time with your ugly wife and your boring friends. Ruining your career by staying home from work just to watch humili-porn clips of rejection, loser-baiting and humiliation. Trashing your relationships in favour of girls bullying the fuck out of you. Valuing our insults - our spit in your ugly face, our pretty middle fingers pointed at you in disgust over everything else in your pathetic life. I want you committed to a pussy-free existence - accepting that girls like me hating on you is all you deserve.

You're a humiliholic - a degenerate porn-gooning loser who's gonna waste all his savings on hot brats like me. You'll know you're being rinsed and used and that your loved ones are being made to sacrifice for us, but you'll pay us anyway. Humili-porn is taking the place of everything else in your life and it turns me on to know you're destroying your family for me. Get jerking loser - jerk off to me revelling in your ruin. Jerk yourself off to me laughing at the misery I'm causing everyone around you. Turning you into a selfish, porn-junkie. Jerk off to being home-wrecked, career-wrecked and life-wrecked by girls who fucking hate you. Jerk off to being made to pay for the honour of having your life ruined by girls half your age - jerk off to us stamping all over your marriage... Your poor, boring wife doesn't stand a fucking chance!

Added: 31-03-2024
Clip Length: 14m 30s
Home Wrecker Findom Brat Girls Humiliation

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