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The Trouble With Dating My Mom
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Congratulations, loser. You managed to find a girl who's willing to ignore the fact you're a total beta wimp and date you. Bad news for you though because she's my mom and the trouble with dating my mom is ME! I'm just a fucking bitch! You may be my mom's new boyfriend but if you want to keep it that way - you're gonna have to do everything I say. All I have to do is pretend you've been hitting on me and she'll throw you out. Who wouldn't believe me huh? Look at me - I'm fucking perfect! My young, tight body, my beautiful ass, my tits - losers like you literally drool over girls like me. You're gonna do everything I say or my mom will totally dump you.

The first thing I'm gonna do is lock you into this cute pink chastity cage. It's only for a week to make sure you understand how things are gonna be. You'll have to make up some excuse so my mom doesn't get suspicious. I'll keep the key around my pretty neck to remind you all the time who owns you now. I'll flirt and tease you every time my mom isn't around to give your poor caged dick something to leak and throb for. But that's only the start - you're my bitch remember? So I'm gonna have to treat you like my bitch. You're gonna run errands for me, drive me places, tidy my room, and do all kinds of demeaning chores like organising my panty drawer and cleaning my collection of sexy heels.

Oh and then there's your new financial responsibilities to talk about. I'm gonna need an allowance from you - a BIG allowance. I'm gonna have a lot of secrets to keep about you so you have to make it worth my while. You're gonna pay for my shopping trips with the girls, dates with my boyfriends and all the little luxuries a girl like me deserves. Dating my mom is gonna get pretty expensive for you right loser? But I promise - really really promise, if you behave like a good little bitch for me all week - I'll unlock you from that cage. So what's it gonna be? Are you gonna take your chances with me telling my mom how you've been perving on me - or are you gonna let me snap you into this cage?... yeah that's what I thought!

Added: 12-06-2020
Clip Length: 14m 19s
Home Wrecker Findom Brat Girls Chastity Humiliation

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