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My Bestie Locked You Up Just For Me Step-Bro
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Y'know she tells me everything about what you get up to together, don't you step-bro?.. she's my best friend after all - there's no secrets between us - we tell each other EVERYTHING. Like, she even told me about the weird stuff too - like what you're wearing for her right now, for example... the pink thing that 'this key' unlocks haha!.. Awww - look at you - you're blushing! You're so embarrassed aren't you? Maybe you should be, huh?... Maybe you should be embarrassed that your little dick is all caged away for your hot new girlfriend. You finally found yourself a girlfriend, and she locks you up - haha!? You must be so in love to let her do that to you. Awww - so cute - you two really do make such an adorable couple - kinda.

You must think you're such the big deal now huh? Dating a girl as hot as my bestie... Congrats step-bro, you're dating the girl of your dreams - the girl ALL your dorky friends drool over - the sorority sweet-heart that has given you a boner since forever. Haha - that's adorable!... and so obviously unbelievable too, idiot. Tell me, did you actually think a girl like her would want to be with you? Did you? Did you think she'd ever date a virgin wimp like you? Nah-ah, cage-boi - it's all been one big trick to get you locked up. I planned it with her so that you'd get locked in chastity and I'd get the key. And y'see this key?... it means I'm the boss of you now - it means I rule your life. It means you can forget all about ever fucking your new girlfriend... or any girl for that matter - it's never gonna happen.

So from now on, you'd better be a lot more obedient to me around here. You'd better because I rule you now. And I'm gonna test your obedience by taking you to the mall in that little pink cage of yours, and you can spend all your savings on your step-sis keyholder in all her favourite clothes-stores. Aw I know - you probably wanted to buy a car with it or go travelling or support yourself though Uni or something you think is important - but you can forget all about that now - it's ALL getting spent on me... because I own you and it's all your own fault. It really is, loser - you should have known a hot girl like my bestie wouldn't want to date a virgin-wimp like you. Think about that as I'm rinsing your savings all around the mall - think about that when you're doing chores for me - think about that when you reach down to jerk your virgin dick to the goodbye photo my bestie sent you and you remember that you fucking can't haha!

Added: 19-05-2023
Clip Length: 13m 10s
Chastity Findom Brat Girls Humiliation

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