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Hey, I'm The Hot Humili-Porn Key-Holder Girl From Next Door
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Hey, pervert. I'm the seriously hot girl from next door that you've definitely been drooling over ever since I moved in with my bratty girlfriends. Yeah - we know. So I have some cute things I wanna buy to wear for my real-man boyfriend but I'm kinda out of money right now so I was just wondering if you needed a keyholder for Locktober? Like, if you pay me - I'll look after the key to your chastity device for the whole month and give it right back to you at the end of Locktober. No tricks - I totally promise! We'll snap you into your device and then I'll take the key back home with me and put it somewhere super-safe - maybe in my pantie-drawer with all my cute lingerie sets or maybe I'll keep it around my neck the whole time. You'll spend the whole of Locktober, locked away in your device - right next door to your pretty, teasy, bratty keyholder and all her hot girlfriends - how totally humili-porn would that be right?

Y'know the thing about humili-porn is that once the hot girl from next door has her victim all caged away in chastity - she becomes even more of a bitch than he was expecting. Like for example, now she has your key, she doesn't have to keep any of the promises she made. She can change the rules - because let's face it - what the fuck can you do about it now, right? So now I've got you snapped into a device - I can blackmail you a little. Like y'know the cute things I needed money to buy? You can buy them for me instead. And if me and the girls need something done around the house - like cleaning up or serving us or giving locked-up chastity-boi massages to all of us - then we just have to call our Locktober pervert over don't we? You'll have to scurry over in your little cage and do whatever we say - and you know how hot humili-porn keyholder girls like to dress when we're being served by denied perverts like you right? That's right loser - EXTRA fucking teasy!

Locktober with me and my girlfriends will be SO evil, pervert. Your balls will ache so bad, your scrunched-up dick will cry leaky pity-goo from the end, and you'll be tormented constantly by us. You'll be counting down the days to being let out - but here's the thing. That's another of those promises that get broken in the world of humili-porn... which is why me and my girlfriends will probably just keep you caged up long after Locktober has ended. We'll keep blackmailing you, we'll keep rinsing you and making you buy us stuff, we'll keep you tidying up after us and serving us and we'll definitely keep bullying you and humiliating you. Humili-porn neighbours don't care about how much your balls ache or how much you're suffering. All we care about is being super-fucking-mean to pervert wimps like you. Now... I have a real-man coming over, remember, so I need my Locktober pervert to pick up a cute little outfit for me to wear for him and I need you to help me get dressed and ready for him... so snap-snap Mr Scrunchy-dick!

Added: 02-10-2020
Clip Length: 16m 23s
Chastity Brat Girls Humiliation Findom

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