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Pay Or Stay Locked The Fuck Away
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You're in quite the predicament, aren't you? I mean - Chastity, Blackmail, Tease & Denial and Financial Domination all rolled into one hopeless situation for you. The keys to your tormented cock safely out of reach on a necklace around my best friend's neck, resting unobtainably between her perfect tits. We've teased you so much that your balls are deep purple and your poor swollen cock is aching with frustration and drooling tears of desperation-slime. You're truly, truly suffering in that Extra-Small device aren't you piggie? You must think we're so fucking mean doing this to you... and we are. But it's not all about the enjoyment we get from wating you suffer for us - it's about the money too!

You're locked in that cage because you got tricked into putting it on - and you got tricked into putting it on because we know losers like you would pay ANYTHING to get it back off. We've got hundreds of chastity victims, just like you, walking around with their dicks helplessly caged away. Every one of them is saving up to pay us their release fee. Some have been saving for years, loser. What's your cock worth to you huh? $5,000 ? $50,000 ? Half a million? We're going to make your buy-out so fucking high you're gonna stay locked in chastity for most of your life! And you know what our special rule is loser - Pay or stay locked the fuck away!!

You can pay for our attention, piggie. You can pay us to tease and humiliate you. You can pay us to laugh at the cock that's shrinking away day-by-day in the device we caged you away in. You can pay us to show you the key that keeps you from touching your own cock. You can pay for every scrap of attention loser, but it'll all eat into your release fee fund! We don't care how long you have to suffer in there - eventually you'll have saved up enough money to be released and we'll cash in on your misery. Now let's decide how much your release fee should be...!

INTERACTIVE CLIP - We will set your release fee - details in the clip of how we'll keep you locked in chastity for real and how much your freedom will cost you.

Added: 12-04-2020
Clip Length: 14m 47s
Chastity Findom Humiliation Brat Girls

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