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Piggie-Pen For Married Men
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I collect married men - because why the fuck not, right? Why should little miss boring get to be spoiled when there are WAY hotter girls like me who deserve it so much more don't you agree? Like I'm so much prettier than she is - I'm a whole lot smarter than she is and I'm half her fucking age - so yeah - I'm taking what I want and I'm putting your right in my Piggie Pen - where you'll spoil me forever and ever. That's my special place for married losers - my piggie pen for married men. You'll join all the other married suckers that can't help but worship girls like me - superior popular princesses, obnoxious, snobby brats who know how to manipulate everything we want from guys like you. Girls you know you don't deserve - girls you know are totally outta your league. Girls you know would reject you or ignore you or not even notice you exist… if it weren't for your money. Uh-huh loser - we're not into you - not one little bit - but we're totally into your money.

You see - married men have the most to lose too. Like, you might hate your boring life with little-miss-average, but you know if she ever found out about how your little addiction to girls like me - she'd ruin your whole life. She'd throw you out, she'd divorce you, she'd destroy your social status, and she'd totally fucking embarrass you - and you'd deserve it too fucktard. You have WAY more to lose than a loser who isn't married and that makes you super-fucking exploitable! Uh-huh it makes you super-blackmailable too, loser. So when you're thrown into the piggie-pen for married men - you're gonna get blackmailed… sorry (not sorry). You're gonna get blackmailed and there's nothing you can do about it - unless you want wifey to find out about me. You'll spoil me, you'll take me to the mall and buy whatever I tell you to, you'll carry my bags and give me money, and pay for lunch and then you'll drive me home before I tell you to fuck off home to wifey!

Do you want me to home-wreck the fuck outta your life loser? Do you want me to call your basic-bitch wifey and tell her how I've trapped her stupid husband? How I seduced him and tricked him into being my pay-piggie? Do you want me to send her the messages between us - the ones where I've told you to buy me presents on HER birthday? The ones where I told you to take her gifts back the store and buy her something discount. The ones where I told you to cancel anniversary date nights just so you could run a boring errand for me. Do you want me to send her photos of the cute things you've spoiled me with? She'd probably cry wouldn't she piggie - to see your bratty findom Princess showing off the expensive things you've bought me instead of her. As if I'd care! Girls like me deserve to be spoilt. We deserve luxuries and gifts and money and it's so fucking easy to get it all from married simps like you!

Added: 17-02-2023
Clip Length: 14m 58s
Findom Home Wrecker Humiliation Brat Girls

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