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Owned By Step-daughter's Bratty Best Friends
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The internet has made it so easy for girls like us to make quick, easy money from losers like you. All we need is a phone and a hot selfie and a bratty attitude and piggies like you are ripe for rinsing. We take cash from undeserving losers who want to spoil pretty girls and we don't even have to be nice to them - in fact the meaner we are - the more we get. We've made so much money from online piggies all over the world but who would have thought our best friend's step-daddy would become one of our highest paying victims? Girls like us are experts at spotting submissives - so when we noticed the little bulge in your pants every time we sneered at you - we knew you'd be the next victim to fall into our findom trap.

Fast forward a few weeks and step-daddy is totally owned by his daughter's bratty girlfriends. Like totally owned - because unlike our other victims who have the anonymity of the internet to protect them - you don't! We've been rinsing you, and bullying you and manipulating you for weeks. We know all your icky femdom fetishes, we've kept all the messages you've ever sent us and we've got more video evidence of all the humiliating things we make you do than we'll ever need to totally fucking ruin you. We walk right in to your home whenever we want more money from you and make ourselves at home - helping ourselves to wifey's belongings - taking whatever we like - her clothes her jewellery - whatever. We dress ourselves in our brattiest outfits and boss you around, mean-girls style! Calling you our little brat-worshiping pig-pen. We totally intimidate you - girls half your age bullying you in your own home as you desperately try to keep us from exposing your pay-piggie secret.

Given the slightest chance we really will humiliate you! We'll make you look like a total spectacle in front of your own family unless you pay up whenever we say - and how much we say. We'll take you to an ATM on a collar and leash and stand on you in our bubble-gum pink sneakers as we empty your account. We'll come to your place of work and make you beg your boss for an advance so you can buy us new shoes for our dates at the weekend. We'll make you clean our heels with your tongue as we count out the money we've taken from you. And all this is just to keep us quiet. All the humiliation and insults and bank-account rinsing and bullying and spoiling us - all just to keep our pretty Princess mouths from outing you as the findom piggie loser you are.

Added: 18-09-2020
Clip Length: 13m 30s
Blackmail Findom Brat Girls Home Wrecker Humiliation

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