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This One Time - At Band Camp
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...I locked this guy in chastity. Hahaha - and then I bump into him in a bar years and years later and - OMG you're still locked the fuck away! How fucking hilarious - you've been trapped in there all these years. I always wondered if you'd ever find a way out of that thing - whether you'd go to hospital to get it cut off or something - I guess you've always been too embarrassed huh? How sad that you've been stuck in there for so long - like the best years of any guy's sex-life - all gone! When I tricked you into putting it on - you had no idea what it would mean for you. No sex, no jerking off, no boners. You must have regretted that time at band camp every day! When the hot popular girl made you try on a chastity device. How fucking stupid were you?

Just when you thought you were gonna lose your virginity - my girlfriends came out from hiding and HUMILIATED you! The look on your face when you realised I'd fucked you over. All the girls pointing at your poor little pee-pee all locked away! Your shame-red face blushing in front of us as we laughed at you. You begged and begged us to let you have the key - you begged us to let you out and we just made fun of you even more! We told you we were gonna ruin your life and leave you a virgin forever - but you didn't believe we'd be THAT cruel. But that's what's happened loser. After we told you to fuck off - you never saw us or that key again - until right now.

You've gone all these years without a girlfriend, without jerking off - without cumming properly while the brats that locked you away have been having SO much fun with SO many guys. Poor you. I still have the key y'know? I always wondered if you'd ever turn up asking for it - so I kept it - just in case. Do you want it now virgin-boi? Has my little joke at your expense run its course? Do you want your hot band-camp bully to unlock you? The thing is - I kinda like knowing you're out there, suffering for me somewhere - all locked up and frustrated as you watch your sex-life slowly leak away. Me and the girls still giggle about it once in a while - that poor virgin wimp in his cock cage - not able to fuck anyone - not able to jerk off - all because of me. So convince me - why should I let you out now huh virginboi?

Added: 14-12-2020
Clip Length: 15m 25s
Chastity Brat Girls Humiliation

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