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Eat Your Cum Or I'll Make You Eat His
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I'm not going to fuck around faggot - you're going to eat your cum for me or I'll make you eat someone else's. Do you want to be fed someone else's cum faggot? Do you want a hot girl like me to hold a condom full of real-man cum over your face and pour it into your mouth? Is that how you want me to look at you - with another man's cum dripping into your mouth haha? I can get as much Alpha-loaded condoms as I want faggot and I'll make you slurp down every one of them if you don't do as you're fucking told and eat your own cum for me. Get yourself into the self-facial position and start jerking your cock into your faggot face.

Jerk yourself faggot - jerk yourself as I tell you just what I think of you and threaten you with the alternative. Because if you don't eat your own cum for me - I'll make you eat someone else's. I'll gag your faggot mouth open if I have to and personally drip real-man slime straight out of the condom into your mouth. Fucking disgusting! Or you can keep jerking yourself off as I humiliate you until you release you own loser-load directly into your mouth like the trainee-faggot you are for me. Keep going loser - keep stoking yourself off as you wait for your own icky mess.

Are you ready to cum? Are you ready to accept you own load faggot? Are you sure you don't want me to make you eat another man's cum? If you cum into your own mouth and swallow it you're gonna prove to me that you're a cum eating faggot. I'll never see you as a man - no girl will. Are you sure you want to dump your own load into your mouth for me faggot? I'm going to humiliate you as you fill your own mouth with cum and then I'm going to tell you to swallow it. Are you ready faggot?

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