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Small Penis Equals No Girls
4K HD SD Photoset

Aw poor 'Mr Teeny-Tiny' with your puny pee-pee. It's so pathetic and inferior to real man cock. Does it break your little loser heart every time you look at it? Does it make you feel ashamed of yourself? Are you totally fucking embarrassed to be the owner of that excuse for a dick? I should feel sorry for you - after all it's not your fault and you can't do anything about it. It's just that I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for you at all. I enjoy the humiliation your own dick causes you. It's fun to watch you blush with shame every time me or one of my snarky girlfriends makes fun of it. I want you to feel shamed and rejected by it - which is why I'm forcing you to look at all these big real-man cocks. You need to understand what you're up against in this world - you need to see exactly what is expected of a man.

Look at the real man cocks, loser. Look at how superior they are to yours. They're all so much thicker, longer and stronger than yours, aren't they? Look at them - do you think any girl would trade one of these for your runt-dick? Girls will never accept a dick like yours - never ever! Your limp dick is an object of ridicule - something for us to giggle at, point and laugh at and gossip with our girlfriends about. You've been gifted mother nature's cruel joke of a cock and girls like me, hot girls like me, are going to take full advantage and humiliate you for being so small.

Why don't you jerk off to the real man cocks as I make fun of your sorry little excuse. Why don't you pinch your 2 fingers around your little pee-pee and stroke it while you get your deserved small-penis-humiliation. Go on wimp, stare at the cocks you could've had, stare at the kind of cocks girls like me want to fuck, stare at the real-men that bullied you for being so inferior. I want you to feel so ashamed of your little limp betrayal between your legs as you try to cum for me. It's so funny that you've had to accept small-penis-humiliation is all you deserve. It's what makes you cum now because it's all you ever get from girls.

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