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Censored AI Girls
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You'll never be man enough for girls, reject - especially not hot girls like me. That's why you've been kept pussy-free and will remain pussy free for the rest of your life. But I get it, you still want us don't-cha. Nothing changes the fact that you still want girls - even though you'll never have us. If you were allowed to, you'd jerk off to pretty girls but I'm here to tell you that that's not for you anymore. Betas don't even deserve to look at girls. You really shouldn't sissy - you're too weak, too pathetic, too undeserving.... which is why all you're going to get is CENSORED girls to rub your failure-stick to... not real girls either AI Girls. All you get is blurry, sissy-censored images of stunningly beautiful artificial girls who are still too-good-for-you to drool over. Watch the pretty AI girls as I blur them the fuck away from you, loser.

No more girls for you sissy-safe jerker - you're never going to be deserving of our perfect, gym-toned bodies, our big fake tits or our sexy asses. You're never gonna get to see us in our pretty lingerie sets, our cute, teasy outfits or drool over our bratty, dream-girl looks. No, beta, all you get is censored artificial girls. You're not going to see a thing sissy - your fragile sissified mind isn't strong enough to see our beauty. You can dream about how good real girls look, you can try to imagine how sexy we are in our hot panty sets but you'll never get to see us - not anymore loser - there's no more real girls for you - all you get to see is blurred, censored, sissy-safe artificial girls. Sorry but real girls are off limits to you now! Censored AI is all you deserve, reject!

Go ahead you pussy-free failure - keep jerking, jerk to what artificial girls you'll never even get to see - jerk off to censored AI girls because that's all you deserve. Rejection-zoned simps don't deserve any girls - all you get is censored AI girls. Jerk off to their blurred-out artificial tits, their censored CGI asses, their digitally protected beauty - because I'm gonna make you cum to that censored humiliation - that's how pathetic you are loser. You're going to cum to a blurred, censored sissy-safe AI girl while I fucking humiliate you. If you were a real man you'd get to see me and all my hot girlfriends in our prettiest lingerie - we'd strip for you - dance for you - tease and flirt with you but betas like you will never ever get that - all can ever hope for is a blurred, sissy-safe AI girl. So pathetic!

Added: 25-02-2024
Clip Length: 17m 34s
Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation Rejection

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