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I Trapped A Panty-Pervert
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It was SO obvious - not just to me but to ALL the sales girls in the store. We've been working in the lingerie department for long enough to know a panty-pervert when we see one! Blushing with total embarrassment as you fumbled through the girliest panty sets, leaving sweaty handprints all over the silky negligees, avoiding all eye contact with me and the other sales girls. Caught-cha sissy!... and there's nothing I love more than catching one of you pansies red handed! Didn't you see me smirking, panty-boi? Pointing you out to the other girls? Giggling as you tried to hide the tiny boner tenting up in your pants as you touched the soft frills of all our panties? Ewwww! We knew what you were up to you little panty-sissy - that's why I decided to trap you - and ask you if you'd like to try some panties on in the changing room.

OMG you looked so embarrassed - you went so red and started to stutter and for one brief moment I thought you were gonna tell me no but I stared you down and gave you a stern look of superiority and you meekly nodded in humiliated defeat. ''Yes Miss.'' Haha! You idiot! As if you'd dare stand up to a girl like me - that look I gave you would have made you agree to anything I said, right sissy? Off you fucked to the changing rooms with the most emasculating panties I could find in the whole store. Not just panties either - stockings, bustiers, bras and corsets - I walked you into the changing room with an armful of girly lingerie to try on. Do you have any idea how silly you looked sissy? As I passed the lacy underwear through the curtain to you? I watched you pulling panties up your legs and clipping suspenders to your stockings - you looked ridiculous!

You were so busy getting excited about being made a total fucking fool of by me and the other sales girls - you didn't even notice your boy clothes had gone hahaha - hahaha! Where did they go sissy? We didn't take them... I promise hahaha! Oh my! What is a sissy to do in that predicament huh? Maybe the sales-girls will help you? Haha... Nah-ah-ah, sissy - not unless you do something for us... something incriminating... like jerk a panty-puddle into the silky gusset of the pink frenchies you're wearing. Aw you must have known you were being set up, sissy, but you had no other options - you had to do it - you had no choice! Either way - you gave us exactly what we wanted - a yick-stained pair of 'stolen' panties! You're in BIG trouble now panty-pervert...

Added: 10-09-2023
Clip Length: 16m 48s
Feminization Public Humiliation Brat Girls Humiliation

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