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Unlimited Refills At The Truck Stop
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Oh, do hurry up sissy! I promised the guys you'd be there by 9pm and I don't want you to be late for them - the sooner you get started the sooner it'll all be over. What's the matter? Are your new platform stripper-heels too tall for you? Is that why you're taking SO long? They're a mere 7 inches, sissy, you're lucky I didn't lock you in the ballet heels I had planned for you. Is it the uniform? Is the skirt too short? The bra too tight? Is it all too embarrassing? Too pink - too flimsy - too revealing? Oh sissy - you're being so silly - that's how it's supposed to feel - it's supposed to be uncomfortable - it's supposed to be humiliating... Oh and before you tell me the chastity device is too small - think again, sissy... I could make that little cage a lot more difficult for you if I so wished - it's meant to be small! The guys at the truck-stop are waiting for a sissy-girl and that means your little pee-pee needs to be locked away in the smallest device and tucked out of sight in your dainty, pink panties. So no more complaining, sissy. No more stalling. Finish up glossing those pouty lips of yours - we need to leave.

I know you're scared, sissy. That's to be expected - it's your first time at the truck-stop after all. I totally understand how terrified you must be right now - knowing what you're going to be made to do tonight. Knowing that you have hours and hours of humiliation waiting for you - you have every right to be scared. You have no idea how many cocks you'll be made to suck, how much cum you'll be made to swallow, how many men you'll have to entertain. I get it, sissy, really I do, but you still have to do it - I promised them you would and you're not gonna let me down. I told them I'd drop you off in the middle of the truck stop at 9pm and that's what I'm gonna do. I'll make you get out of the car in your tiny little school-girl skirt and pretty crop top and watch you balance on your heels in the headlights as you wait for the first trucker to claim you. I'll watch as he takes your leash and walks you back to his cab and orders you to kneel and suck his cock. I'll watch your trembling lips wrap around his dick as you kneel and suck like a good little sissy-whore until his cum floods into your throat... Then you'll swallow his load, thank him and wiggle back to me with his $5 payment, ready to start all over again.

Unlimited refills of your sissy throat - that's what they're all entitled to. All those men get to use your glossy cock-sucking lips as many times as their balls will allow for the bargain price of $5. They get to humiliate you over and over again - all night long - pushing your face down on their trucker-cocks, degrading you as you suck and lick them until they pump another load into your mouth. They get to squeeze your girly ass, pull your hair, slap you and drench you in cum and then drag you back for another round. Y'know they'll take full advantage of this special offer don't you sissy? You know they'll rinse every last drop out of this deal - they'll make you swallow cum all night - dragging you from cab-to-cab, using your mouth as their budget truck-stop cumdump. Soaking you in cum hour after hour until they're all done - until every last trucker has drained their heavy balls of slime into you. Ew - and if you think you'll be getting back in my car after your shift at the truck-stop you can think again sissy. No way - you'll be walking home - all the way - in your stripper heels and flimsy skirt and soaked from head-to-toe in trucker cum.

Added: 17-12-2023
Clip Length: 16m 04s
Feminization Bi Humiliation Chastity Humiliation Public Humiliation

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