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A Humili-Porn Star Is Born
4K HD SD Photoset

Oh no - it's far too late to change your mind now sissy - we're all set-up and ready to start filming the bi-humiliation scene for the new clip! You did know what today's shoot was all about, sissy? I'm sure I made it clear you would be the sissy - and that real-men would be fucking you on cam today. If you were expecting some light chastity-tease style domination with a hot girl you've made a HUGE mistake sissy!.. We haven't spent hours dolling you up for nothing - fixing your hair and makeup just so and dressing you in such a tiny little cock-teasing uniform just to film your little caged up cock getting teased... Oh no, sissy - you're about to get your flimsy skirt lifted and your pantied ass fucked by my stud's real-man cock! You're the sissy bottom-bitch in this humili-porn clip, missy.

We make big-bucks selling footage of helpless sissies like you getting used by real men - you delicate panties ripped from your girly ass to reveal your useless locked-away dicklette hanging between your thighs while real-men take turns fucking your mouth and ass. That poor, failure-cock jiggling with every thrust of their cocks is the perfect detail our fans love so much. I guess everyone loves to know the poor sissy is getting no pleasure at all as those real-man cocks destroy her helpless virgin ass. They'll love the look of total shame on your face as stud-cocks fill you up over and over again - and we're gonna capture it all on camera forever sissy. We'll sell, advertise, and promote EVERY second of your bi-humiliation stardom. Every humiliating screen-grab chosen to reflect just how defeated you'll feel on the end of their cocks blasted all over the internet for everyone to see!

I won't lie to you - it'll be so incredibly embarrassing for you sissy. So degrading and painful and you'll want it to stop even before their cocks have entered you. You'll try to hold on to your dignity the best you can but you won't be able to control the moans of shameful pleasure you'll make as they fuck you. You won't be able to help it, sissy. Every embarrassing sound you'll make will be pounded from you involuntarily - just like the sissy-gasm they'll fuck out of your locked away sissy-dick! Uh-huh sissy... that's the final detail our fans love so much - an emasculating sissy-gasm leaking from your cock cage is the finale of our humili-porn clip! Those fuck-studs will feed their cocks deeper and deeper into you until you drool a pleasureless 'gasm from the end of your chastity cage. That's when we'll zoom in on your flustered shame-red face and call 'cut'.

Added: 16-10-2022
Clip Length: 15m 10s
Bi Humiliation Feminization Humiliation Chastity Public Humiliation

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