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The Sissy Hunters - Our Last Victim
4K HD SD Photoset

You're next, sissy - we're hunting you. We have your sissy ID. We have the photos of you in your girly panties and your make-up and your heels. We're collecting all the evidence of your secret dress-up life. It's being analysed and filed and it WILL be used to expose you. Uh-huh - The Sissy Hunters have targeted you for exposure and we'll do it, sissy. It's not a case of 'if' it's only a case of 'when'. We'll catch you - we'll find out your real-life info and when we do, we'll fuck you over in the most humiliating way possible... just like we did to the last sissy. Oh that poor little dress-up slut had no fucking idea until it was too late. We trashed her life right in front of her - making her exposure the most embarrassing moment of her whole life. She regretted all her choices in that moment, sissy - just like you will. She regretted putting her photo on the internet the instant that pre-exposure warning landed in her lap, she regretted purchasing the panties and the bra, she regretted the wig and the chastity cage. Oh she was full of regrets sissy but they didn't do her any good - she was caught and about to be exposed and no amount of regret was gonna change that for her.

Can you imagine how that poor sissy felt? The pre-exposure warning dropping into her work email inbox with the Title - SISSY HUNTERS CAUGHT YOU! OMG - she must have felt the life drain from her soul in that very moment. She would have been terrified of opening that email - but she had to. So she opened it and everything got so much worse for her. A small selection of everything we had collected on her was presented to her - the photos - the messages - her captions and the humiliating fantasies she'd confessed to online... ironically including her sissy exposure fantasies haha!... and then... all her real-life info... and the proof of its accuracy was the very fact she was reading it from her work email inbox. Oopsie... sissy should have been more careful, right. Everything in that email was SO humiliating - but we had more - photos of her sucking dildos, plugged up and locked in chastity so guess what we did to her sissy? We told her to forward that email to everyone in her contacts list... or we'd send them the EXTRA-Humiliating photos instead. We made her copy us in too - just to make sure she really did it!

Her life was ruined - all because she couldn't resist the temptation to dress up in frilly little uniforms and parade around like a fucking sissy. We fucked her life up and that's exactly what we'll do to you too sissy. We'll expose you in a most humiliating way... just like we did to her. Sobbing into your panties because we exposed you. When the dumb bitch copied us into her exposure email we were able to see her entire contacts list - every email address she sent her self-destructive email to... so how could we be expected to resist that temptation, huh? We couldn't - just like you can't resist being a pansy... So we sent the extra-humiliating photos to everyone anyway. Haha! The poor little femmy-boi didn't stand a chance. She was outed to the whole world. The total, all-consuming shame of everyone she knows finding out what a sissy she is. Finding out all her secrets - seeing all the humiliating photos she took of herself. She probably cried herself to sleep every night for a month after that. And this fate is coming for you too sissy - you're next!

Added: 14-01-2024
Clip Length: 15m 51s
Feminization Blackmail Humiliation Public Humiliation

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