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OMG - He's A Fucking SISSY!
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Don't pretend to us sissy, We've seen you. We know all about your 'secret' girly dress-up time. We know you wait for us to go out before diving into your secret box of panties, stockings and pretty sissy-girl dresses. We've seen you. We've watched as you've taken your time to put your makeup on, pull up your stockings, squeeze into your tight dress and slip into your heels. We have cameras everywhere - and they've been filming you ever since you moved in - sending all the footage of you being a total sissy right back to our phones. Every twirl in your petticoats, every curtsey in your French maid uniform, every humiliating pose you've practiced - completely oblivious to us spying on you. We have it safely stored away in secure folders. You wanted to play the vulnerable sissy damsel in distress and that's exactly what you're getting.

We'd love to tell you that your secret is safe with us but it really isn't sissy. It's time your sissy identity was revealed - don't you think? We think your friends deserve to know who they're spending time with - We think your girlfriend deserves to know who she's dating, We think your neighbours deserve to know they're sharing a building with a SISSY! It doesn't actually matter if you agree or not, pansy-panties, We're gonna expose you whether you like it or not - the alternative is that we put all this evidence online and expose you to EVERYONE! We're going to completely feminize you - make you look as over-the-top feminine as possible and then we're going to walk you right in to a room on a leash to meet your friends and your neighbours and your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. You're gonna be totally mortified sissy but if you don't play along, we're gonna let your boss, your friends, your family and everybody else in on your embarrassing little hobby.

We're going to make you wear the ultra-girly lingerie we've seen you mincing around in - pink with ribbons and bows, stockings and heels - which we will be padlocking to your feet of course. We're going to put you into the most ridiculous sissy dress you own - fluffy and short to show off your extra-ruffled panties. It's going to look so PATHETIC! We're going to paint your face and give you big fluttering eyelashes and a long blonde curly wig. So funny, right? You're going to look like one of those prissy sissy dollies in the feminization comics you read! And when we're done making you look as sissified as possible - we're going to lead you right into the room to curtsey for your girl and everyone else. We can't wait to see the look on everyone's face! You're gonna be so embarrassed - paraded around for everyone to see - the house-sissy they didn't even know they had!

Added: 10-04-2023
Clip Length: 13m 19s
Feminization Blackmail Public Humiliation Humiliation

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