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Assturbate For Ashleigh
4K HD SD Photoset

Go ahead, lube it up, sissy. You've done all the prep work, right? The camera is setup? You've made yourself look smooth and feminine, you've locked your unwanted failure-cock away inside it's little chastity tube. You're dressed in something cute? Some panties, a push-up bra? A flimsy skirt - something humiliating? Some makeup perhaps? A wig? Haha... Aw, sissy... I'm sure you look totally ridiculous right now. I cant wait to see the video once I've made you publish it. I'm sure you look positively pathetic and oh-so ready to show your Princess Ashleigh just how much of a cock slut you're willing to be. I'm sure you're looking forward so so much to this emasculating predicament you're gonna play out for me. So go right ahead, sissy - lube up a thick hole-stretching cock and assturbate for me. Go on - Assturbate for Ashleigh! Push it all the way in, sissy, every inch of that fat cock! Make sure you're getting it all on camera - I want you to record that dildo stretching you to breaking point you little cock-slut. Wriggle it deep into your sissyhole - grind all the way down that cock for me - penetrate yourself with it all the way down to it's big silicon balls. This is how you're gonna cum, sissy - Assturbating yourself on camera for Ashleigh.

Assturbate you cock-slut - let that big silicone cock stretch you - let it fill you up - let it push your sissy-button deep inside of you. That's how you're gonna sissygasm - that's how you get to cum-in-chastity for your Princess - that's how you get to leak your slime for the camera, assturbator. Taking a big fake cock in your smooth - sissified fuck-hole. Moan like a girl, whimper and pant - just like a desperate porno cum-dolly would. Beg to cum - make all those cute noises real-men jerk off to as your ass eats up every inch of that cock - look at yourself on the screen as you record the humiliating situation you're in right now. How totally pathetic you are huh, sissy? Do you wanna know what a hot bratty girl like me thinks when we see you pansies doing this kinda thing for us? Humiliating yourself because you're not allowed to cum like a real man - because you're a fucking sissy? We think you're the lowest of the low - the most emasculated failure of a man possible - that's what we think, sissy. This must be SO humiliating for you - a young bratty Princess - making you fill up on cock to earn a sissygasm. Assturbating your sexuality away - and videoing it so I can expose you with it!

Assturbating a hands-free sissygasm on camera is how you're gonna cum for me siss - that's the only way. Trash your ass with that cock, sissy. Harder - it needs to be hard amd deep to hit your sissy-cum-button. Go on - in and out of your ass - fill up on dick you little cock-slut! No touching remember! Assturbation is hands free - sissygasms are hands free! The only way you're gonna cum is from a deep, masculinity-crushing sissy-humiliation as an XXL silicon cock smashes into your sissy-cum-button. You're going to cum like this, pansy. In your frills and your heels and all that makeup on your face - that's the humiliating way you deserve to leak from your cage. In panties and a girly uniform - some stockings and a blonde wig - with your ass full of dick! You're going to cum for Princess's entertainment while I laugh at you. You're gonna assturbate a sissygasm for me with this dick in your ass you little pussy-free reject. Go on wriggle on it - grind on it - stretch yourself, moan and whimper - assturbate until you can't take it anymore you pathetic fucking failure!

Added: 18-12-2023
Clip Length: 14m 50s
Sissygasms Feminization Chastity Humiliation

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